Ideas to spruce up your hotel uniform

The hotel industry is one of the biggest businesses in the private sector and the most competitive. As a result, hoteliers are always looking for innovative ways to outdo the competition and draw more clientele. From introducing new menu, items, and facilities, to running promotional offers, hoteliers have also invested in professional work uniforms.

However, of all the branding efforts, employee uniforms provide the most effective way to create a positive brand image and express professionalism.

If your hotel business already uses specific workwear, here are the top tips to improve the impact of your uniforms as a branding effort.

Choose bold colors

It is well known that specific colors have a distinct psychological effect on the observer. You can effectively spruce your work uniforms by leveraging unique and bright colors. Bright colors help you stand out and express a vibrant sense of hospitability. Moreover, you don’t have to change the entire color scheme of your employees’ uniforms. Investing in contrast color patterns such as red and white for shirts and blouses is an ideal style.


There is no better statement for authenticity than investing in customized work uniforms for your employees. Instead of following the crowd and employing plain black and white work uniforms, set the bar high and personalize the uniforms by embroidering the business name or logo of your company on them. Also, have the names of your employees fashionably printed on the uniforms.


It is quite simple to liven up your work uniforms with the use of accessories. The ideal approach is to add simple but attractive accessories to the workwear using jewelry or hair accessories, for example. Alternatively, you can make custom accessories associated with your business such as excellence gifts to your staff, which they can add to their uniforms.

Doing so will improve the overall appeal of their work uniforms and express a unique brand identity. It will set you apart from the competition.

Pay attention to footwear

While much focus goes to clothes, the overall look of your employees includes their footwear too. As such, investing in some unique shoes adds to the overall look of their dress code. It is best to add fancy footwear that matches the style of your work uniform, especially, colors and fabric.

Patch up!

Another way to spruce up your hotel uniforms is to add patches of unique sizes, colors, and subjects in association with various sports teams or charitable organizations. Also, you can leverage patches tailor-made for your business as a means of awards for the excellent performance of your staff.

Owing to their uniqueness, patches added to work uniforms are noticeable and communicate a positive sense of warmth to your customers.

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