Evergreen Flower Girl Dress Trends That Never Go Out of Fashion

Flower girls play a vital role in the ceremonial rituals during a Christian wedding. The moment when those little girls enter the wedding venue with a flower basket in their hands, they become the cynosures with every guest’s eyes on them. Therefore, dressing them beautifully is not just a customary thing. They, in fact, should look best and feel confident in their flower girl outfit. After all, flower girls are the ones who introduce the bride and represent the wedding theme in their most unique and innocent ways. With endless awe-inspiring choices of classic to modern flower girl dresses available, you can easily find what your flower girl will love to wear. At the same time, it can be overwhelmingly daunting to find one that best suits your interest and the wedding theme. In this article, we have a list of top and timeless flower girl dress trends that will certainly help you in finding the right dress.

Silk: A silk dress is not only classy, but it is also a top trend of flower girl dress choices. White or pastel silk dresses look great, feel smooth and reflect a sense of elegance. Most new flower girl dress retailers omit silk gowns. But this timeless fabric ranks at the top when it comes to an evergreen trend. Soft bodice silk gowns, short sleeveless silk frocks and vintage inspired long and full silk dresses are popular flower girl dress choices.

Crochet: Don’t get intimidated by the intricate work of the crochet flower girl dresses. The modern crochet dresses are perfect for a wedding day flower girl costume. Plus, these are in trend too. Most crochet flower girl dresses are cute, feature one or more fabric and a combination of lace and crochet that gives a voluminous and princess-like look. A good crochet flower girl dress also looks classy yet contemporary without being over-the-top or too gaudy.

Tulle: A tulle flower dress and gowns make perfect flower girl costumes too. Tulle is timeless and always in fashion and you can never go wrong with this evergreen flower girl dress trend. These dresses are fuller, fancy, and look gorgeous on any little girl.

Satin: Those silky smooth satiny dresses make perfect flower girl costumes too. Satin flower girl dresses are lightweight, soft on the body and feel comfortable. Choices of satin flower girl dress varieties are available in multiple sizes and patterns. Because satin dresses look very flat, adding a tulle underskirt is a great choice.

Pastel and Tiered: A flower girl dress with a tiered skirt design is a quite popular trend too. Tiered design adds volume to a dress and gives it a nice girly look that every little girl loves. In recent days, pastel shades are gaining popularity, especially for flower girl dresses. Consider picking a pastel-colored tiered flower girl dress matching your wedding theme. Light candy yellow, baby blue and pink, lavender and cotton candy are popular pastel shade choices of girls’ dresses.