6 Classic Makeup tips that can help you ace your makeup looks this winter!

Enter the winter months, and you have to take extra care of your skin and hair. Well, even your makeup routine changes as you embrace the extra tips to make your skin look presentable during the chilly months. Whether it’s your daily, day make-up or the glamorous night presentation you’re looking forward to, it’s critical that you follow the winter makeup tips so that the new season doesn’t damage your skin and you don’t look any less beautiful during your outings.

  • Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before makeup: We know the air is cold, and so is the water. But that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning your face thoroughly before applying the makeup! If you apply the makeup without properly exfoliating your skin, there are very high chances that the dust and dirt particles that have settled on your skin might come to the surface and be seen clearly through the makeup layer. So keep one of these winter makeup tips in mind: exfoliate your skin before starting the makeup with a suitable scrub and cleanser.
  • Use a moisturiser before the makeup: One of the other winter makeup tips that you should never forget is to moisturise your skin thoroughly before applying the makeup. It prevents your skin from cracking and getting dried out due to the chilled air and also leaves a cloth finish on your skin that makes your face glow and shine.
  • Concealer and primer are important: Say you already have some dry patches on your skin, pimples, or dark spots for that matter! All these needs to be perfectly concealed. Well, this is exactly what a concealer does to your skin. So, you definitely can’t afford to miss it while applying makeup during the winter months. Also, the primer further helps to attain a smooth finish on your face, which you can’t compromise with while applying makeup.
  • Don’t overdo it with the compact: We hope you know that the compact is a dry powder. So, if you are using it during the dry months of winter, it might further steal the moisture from your face. To prevent this, keep two things in mind: first, always choose a moisturiser-based compact, and second, don’t apply it too much on the skin, which can cause a rough layer on your face.
  • Use lip gloss and lipstick with a bit of moisture: Going for an entirely matte lipstick can be a bad idea during the winter! Well, we suggest opting either for lip gloss or simply using a moisture-based lipstick that keeps your lips soft and subtle and gives you the perfect shining lips you desire during this time.
  • Don’t forget about the makeup setter: A makeup setter is a must-have when applying makeup in the winter. It keeps the makeup from diminishing due to the moisture in the air when it suddenly rains or snows suddenly. With its assistance, you can carry your makeup for hours and look beautiful even when the weather tries to be overly cold!