4 Common Mistakes People Do After Getting a Brand New Tattoo

Taking good care of your tattoo is essential. Without proper care, the tattoo is not going to last and fade away real quick. If you have recently got a new tattoo, you have to be very careful with it because it is really sensitive. You cannot neglect it and treat it anyway you want to. Lot of people carry out some very common mistakes after they have got a new tattoo. So, if you want to avoid making such silly mistakes, you must read today’s blog.

Using hot water – the first thing you need to do at home after getting a tattoo is to peel the cover and wash your tattoo thoroughly. It is essential that you wash it well and get rid of all the blood & plasma oozing out from it. In order to do so, you have to use lukewarm water. Never use hot water to wash the tattoo! Hot water is going to open up the skin pores and the ink will start to come out from the newly made tattoo. This can lead to an uneven or blotched tattoo in a few days. Using hot water to clean your tattoo can also lead to an infection because it is an open wound.

Over-moisturization – it is always a good idea to keep your tattoo moisturized. But, you have to avoid over-moisturization. It can also lead to an infection and damage your tattoo seriously. Remember to use a good quality tattoo cream, but make sure to use it in small quantities. Allow it to assimilate before you move on to put another layer of cream over the tattoo. The same is for tattoo sunscreen as well.

Re-bandaging – a lot of people make this mistake but you must remember not to re-bandage the tattoo. Your tattoo needs to breathe so that it can heal over time. If you bandage the tattoo again, it will cut off the air supply and your tattoo is going to get damaged. Just use a loose cloth to cover the tattoo whenever you are going outside to protect it from the sunlight and any water splashes.

Don’t pick the tattoo – during the initial days, your tattoo is going to itch a lot. You might also see scabs coming out of it. It’s the natural process in which the skin gets healed. Never pick the tattoo no matter how much it itches. Picking or scratching your tattoo will damage it. It will harm the skin big time. Use an ice gel pack to get some relief. But never pick it.

Final Words – your brand new tattoo requires a lot of care and attention for the first 3-4 weeks. Don’t neglect it’s well-being and make sure to remember all the points that we discussed above. If you are looking for a good quality tattoo sunscreen, then you can visit https://inkeeze.com/collections/sunscreens and check out their wonderful collection.