Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Shoes for Women

Photo by Alexandra Maria from Pexels

It can take hours to find the best pair of women shoes because there’s just so many types to choose from. In addition, you need to make a few considerations such as the occasion and your style preference.

We know it can be quite challenging to deal with such a task.

However, if your well-acquainted with professional tips, you’re definitely going to have a smooth and hassle-free experience when you look for the perfect pair of shoes.

Some key considerations you should never forget

First of all, you must prioritize comfort. How many hours do you intend to walk in your target shoes? Does it fit you nicely? Is there enough room for all of your toes? Is the material breathable?

Second, you need to consider the functionality of the shoes. Do you specifically need walking shoes for women for marathons and other sports events? Do you need it for a party?

Lastly, pay attention to the design. And we’re not just referring to the aesthetic quality of the shoes, but also it’s specific features.

For example, is it made for a pronator, supinator or overpronators? How about the quality of the insole, the size of the toebox, and the texture of the sole?

Choosing shoes according to use

Photo by Jaclyn Moy from Unsplash

There are many versatile types of shoes such as sneakers, loafers, and moccasins. You can pair them with almost anything and you can wear them on any day.

Then, there are some shoes that are limited to formal and semi-formal events like pumps and stilettos.

Hence, once you consider the basic factors enumerated above, it’s also absolutely essential to define where and when do you intend to use a particular type of shoes.

Below are some of the types of shoes and when you should use them.

  • Heels – Every woman needs to have at least a pair of power heels because it exudes fierceness and sex appeal. Some popular examples of heels are wedges perspex heels, stilettos, lace-ups, and pumps.
  • Flats – If you’re looking for a super comfy type of shoes, you ought to buy a pair of flats. These are quite versatile too. So, you can pair them with all kinds of outfit. A few examples of flat shoes include loafers, ballerina pumps, espadrilles, mules, running shoes, and school shoes.
  • Boots – Most boots are made from animal hide. However, because authentic leather can be quite expensive, many shoe manufacturers use synthetic leather instead. There are various types of boots, and they are categorized according to the height of the cut. A few notable examples include knee-high boots, ankle boots, biker boots, and combat boots.

The best type of shoes to use for each season

Aside from the factors above, you must also consider the season when you choose a type of shoes to wear.

For example, you must temporarily ditch your flops and sandals for a more comfortable pair of high boots and mules during the cold seasons. These type of shoes can keep your feet warm when you go out.

During spring and summer, you can opt for gem sandals, loafers, mocassins, espadrilles, and ankle booties. Go wear flops and crocs when you go to the beach for maximum comfort.

Tips in mixing and matching your shoes and outfit

The last factor you must consider in choosing a pair of women’s shoes is the outfit that you want to wear. Here’s a quick and useful guide to help you:

  • Strappy sandals – These are best worn with maxi dresses. If you love sporting a bohemian-inspired look, you must have at least two pairs of fashionable strappy sandals.
  • Stilettos and pumps – If you’re an office-working gal, you definitely need to have a trusty pair of pumps or stilettos. You also need to buy one if you love wearing skinny jeans, midi dresses, and pantsuits.
  • Boots – You can wear it with your lacy dresses, boho-chic skirts, denim shorts, poncho-like blouse, sweatshirts and other kinds of outfit.
  • Wedges and peep toes – If you want to show off your long and beautiful legs when you wear a midi dress, you must wear a pair of wedges of peep toes. These two types of shoes will make you look extra sexy and gorgeous!

With the perfect shoes, you can easily conquer anything.

If you’re feeling a bit lost when you’re shopping for new shoes or choosing a pair of footwear available in your walk-in closet, just apply the tips we graciously shared with you above.

These life-saving tips can definitely help you glam up with great ease.