Hot days are coming and it’s time to change the wardrobe with the cheerful colors of the season, light and fresh fabrics and fun prints. But you are in doubt what will be the fashion color for the summer? Let’s go to the season’s main bets! Firstly, the fashion websites and the specialized events are betting on the red. The collections presented at New York Fashion Week came packed with all shades of red! ZAFUL

The color of fashion for the summer will arise in total red looks and also mixed with others that are trend. The white comes in second place between the darling tones for the summer, will mix very much with the red and follow the same trend, with looks including all in white, special attention to the dress model of the station’s darling and super combines with the white color: the slip dress. Hot tip! And at Paris Fashion Week, color has come up with everything! Of course the pieces are already in the winter, but the touch remains: you can invest without fear in white that the color will not be in fashion only in the summer. And combining white with red, let’s go down some tones and go to other trends of the season: the colors of the sunset! Yes! Sunset colors super on high! The orange tones, from the most vibrant to the most burnt, the yellow also appears with a carton that goes from the lightest to the most ‘solar’ and the pinks, wrapped in the blue sky. In the collections, the designers bring all the colors that appear at the moment the sun sets and for this very reason the card is diversified. click here

The colors resemble the energy of sunny days ending in a light and luscious sunset. From the most vibrant to the most peaceful, such a delicious and well-spent summer day! Pure energy of the hot days on the beach and in the pool and the tranquility of a late afternoon in cool breeze … But coming out of this tropical paradise that the colors are bringing, we go to the streets of the city and there we find the jeans as a color option of the fashion for the summer. Check out Alicia bell spring dresses if you have missed out their collection.

The shoes will be jeans, the shirts will be jeans, the skirts will also be jeans, and we’re not just talking about the fabric! Your tone and texture will be imitated in all that is possible! And the bluish tint goes from the rising sun, goes through the city jeans and goes on! The Niagara tones, which are very close to jeans, also come strong in collections, as well as blue pencils and lazuli.

The path of the blue ends in the island paradise, a bright color that resembles a beautiful beach. Talking about nature … how about going to the middle of the forest with lots of green? Color will also be in fashion this summer! It has the most vibrant tone, called ‘greenery’, and has a very dark version, nicknamed ‘cabbage’, which will dominate the windows reminiscent of the military style. But coming out of this vibe of nature and beach, let us return to the hustle and bustle with the metallic hues that are asked of color for the summer.