Wine Tasting Do’s And Don’ts For A Winetastic Experience

Are you new in the world of wine tasting? Did your friend, family or colleague invite you to come and taste wine? Then grab the opportunity and experience this tranquil activity like no other.

But before you attend the event, one must know that there are dos and don’ts everyone is expected to adhere to – even if we consider some of these as unwritten rules. To make the most out of your winetastic adventure, make sure to check on our list below.

Make Reservations as Necessary

Some, but not all wineries require reservation before you can step foot on the location and start tasting wine. If the winery you wish to visit is open only on a specified day of the week, or if you plan on attending during holidays and busy weekends, one needs to make a call and book for slots. If your friend is the one to organize the session for your group, he will make special arrangements especially if the group consists of more than ten people.

Don’t be Afraid in Trying Something New

You may already have a preference when it comes to wine, but there’s no harm in trying out something new. You’re out wine-tasting, aren’t you? But seriously, you’ll never know if you’d like the other brands, and you can use the spittoon if you’re not fond of the new flavor. Who knows? You might as well discover your new favorite while you’re at it.

To Spit or to Swallow

Go ahead and enjoy the drink if you can handle your wine just fine. However, you’re going to drive; It would be best to swirl and savor the wine then spit afterwards. They have spittoons waiting for you – just make sure to aim for the bucket.

Cleanse Your Palate in Between Tasting

The trick in comparing the taste of the different wines serves is by cleansing your palate. Some wineries will help water, while some will offer crackers, cheese, bread or fruit. Take your pick, and you’ll have a more definite sense of taste for the next wine on the list.

Try Not to Wear Your Favorite Clothes

Wine stains can be hard to get rid of, and when you’re out drinking a couple of wines, there is a huge possibility of accidentally spilling your drink over your clothes. This is the very reason why we advise not to wear your favorite outfits during wine tasting events. You’d want to have as much fun as possible without worrying about your outfit getting ruined.

Dark Colored Outfits Can Hide Any Mishaps that May Happen

If you’re not familiar with wine stains, then one thing you would want to know is that spilling red wine on white or light-colored clothing sucks. The red wine stains will stick deep in your garment’s fiber and trying to remove it on the spot may seem impossible. The best way to avoid this is by choosing dark-colored outfits so that if you ever spill red wine on your OOTD, the stains won’t be that obvious.

Wear Clothes that are Simple and Comfortable

Dressing up for a wine tasting event for the first time may be tricky. If you’re not sure what to wear, go between casual and semi-formal attire. Uncomplicated outfits are the best way to go. You’d want to choose an OOTD that is simple, you feel comfortable wearing and is low maintenance. You can play around with accessories like a cool scarf, a fabulous pair of dangling earrings or your statement necklace.

Skip the Lipstick as much as Possible

Most lipsticks only smudge after coming in contact with just about anything. Lipstick stains on wine glass may look cool for you, but having to reapply your lipstick now and then can only be a nuisance. It would be best to stick to your favorite chapstick to keep your lips moisturized. Can’t leave the house with a lip color? Smudge-proof and transfer-proof lippies are your go-to choice.

Bring a Wrap with You

You’d never know when the temperature drops, especially if the location of the winery you’d be going to has a microclimate. Bring along a crisp black blazer to make sure it will keep you warm during the cold nights while still looking cool and stylish.

Wear Your Comfy Shoes On

High-heels and stilettos are not the best options when it comes to wine-tasting events. For one, spiked heels and dressy shoes won’t give you the comfort you need when most of the activities involve standing and walking. You wouldn’t want to risk ruining your dress shoes or even hurt yourself when you’ve had too much wine to drink. Trainers and chunky heeled shoes are the best way to go.

Bring Weather-Appropriate Gears

Many owners and managers expect their guests in the wineries to treat the place as a sophisticated place. It is noteworthy to bring along handy-dandy gears and accessories if you plan on exploring the vine treks.

Perfumes and Colognes are a Big No-No

Skip the perfume and cologne for the event. Strong scents will hinder your senses and can get in the way of your wine tasting abilities. Even the people working there are required not to wear any strong scents.

Tame Your Mane

If you’re visiting a wine country, make sure to keep your hair tucked in neatly as the wind can ruin a fancy and complicated hairdo. A simple ponytail or a cute messy bun would make sure your hair stays out of your food and drinks.

Pack Lightly

If you’re bringing your kids with you, then you might as well use a huge bag to have your essentials near you at all times. Other than that, a small clutch or light shoulder bag is enough. Since you’ll be mostly on your feet, you wouldn’t want to have to carry a big and heavy bag who has content you won’t need when tasting wine.

The items included on the list are just some of the many things to keep in mind when out tasting wine. If you wish to make the activity an enjoyable and winetastic experience, go ahead and make use of these excellent tips.