Wikigains Shows How Coupons Connect People To Brands


For years coupons have been subjected to a mindset – they are something moms or grandmas cut out from Sunday newspapers. They are also things that only the poor people or the elderly use in order to save some money on their orders. If that’s what you think then it’s time to wake up and see the changed reality., a reputed UK coupon site shows you how coupons have changed and evolved dramatically in the digital era.

In the era of digitalization, the coupons cut out from newspaper have been replaced by online coupons that are straight delivered to your smartphone. So, you keep the scissors in the drawer or forget about getting them printed. Digital coupons are easy to use as they can be added to the cart while shopping online to get a discount instantly.

A Driving Force That Connects Consumers To Brands

According to a market survey by Wikigains, more than 80% of Americans use coupon codes to save money on their order. Over 35% of the millennial and 25% of the younger generation look for a digital voucher when shopping online.

These statistics reveal that coupons have evolved from what they used to be in the past and they continue to be a driving force in commerce. It works like a bridge to connect consumers with brands.

The reason behind this is simple. People want a good deal and they will never get tired of saving money. Similarly, brands are always looking for different ways to bring in new customers and there is nothing better than the long established coupon strategy.

An Incentive To Encourage People To Try New Products

Wikigains sites another study according to which more than 60% of the consumers said that fair pricing encouraged them to try a new product or brand. This is followed by a free shipping offer, real customer reviews, word of mouth, a great buying/ shopping experience, loyalty rewards, ads, and endorsements.

Most of the online shoppers agree that they would not mind trying a new product or brand if it offers a good coupon code. For some customers, it a sense of pride as they feel smart when they successfully save money on their online purchase.

Wikigains Tells You Where To Look For Coupons

Whether you are shopping on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it is now possible to find a coupon even on the move and get a discount. If you are an old and loyal customer of a specific brand, expect to find exclusive coupons in your email id.

Another good way to visit a coupon site like to look for suitable discount codes and deals for any particular brand. In a coupon site, you will find a list of coupons  that can either give you some percentage of money off your order. Pick a latest coupon and enter it in the voucher field in the checkout section of the merchant website and the discount will be applied immediately.