Why many people do not prefer to buy from a wholesale backpacks store?

All the families with school going kids go through a stressful phase every year when it is time for the kids to go back to school after their long breaks. The kids often show disinterest to go to school after the holidays. Parents need to cajole them to attend school regularly with some nice gifts. Besides all these challenges parents also need to source the school supplies. All these pose a lot of stress and parents get anxious wondering how they are going to deal with this phase every year even though they know that they would anyway get through this phase.

A long list of school supplies need to be purchased for your kids including backpacks for teens, school uniforms, shoes, socks and other accessories. The cost of all these school supplies continues to increase year after year. Parents however have no other go but to spend money on these items.

If you want, you can save money while buying all the school supplies including kids school bags. Are you wondering how to save money here? It is simple; you can order your backpacks easily at a heavily discounted price by finding a wholesaler to place the order. Many parents do not consider ordering their school supplies or even their backpacks from wholesalers and there are number of reasons for this behavior from the parents. Let us look at some of the common reasons why many do not approach the wholesalers.

There is very little understanding among the customers regarding the possible savings that they could enjoy when they buy from a wholesaler. If only they understand they could be saving close to 80% to 90% on their retail cost all the parents will show at least some interest towards the wholesale suppliers. It is high time that you checked the prices offered by the wholesalers and compare it with the retailers. This will give you a better understanding on the price difference which will certainly help you make better decisions.

Yet another factor that discourages parents is the minimum order quantity. When the parents know that there is huge savings on the cost of the backpacks when they approach a wholesaler, they rush to place their orders but only to realize that they need to meet the minimum order quantity while ordering from a wholesale store. You need to order at least one full case. Each case comes with 24 backpacks. Parents who are used to ordering backpacks from retailers do not know how to deal with this surplus. If this is what you too are thinking then there are many ways to deal with it. You can store it for future needs or you can even sell it to your friends. You could also pool everyone’s orders among friends and meet the minimum order quantity.

If you have been staying away from the wholesalers due to any of these reasons you should now reconsider your views so that you can benefit ordering from a wholesaler.