Why It’s Best to Shop at Secondhand Stores and Consignment Shops

Stay Fashionable and Save Money with Consignment Shops!

Whether you want to stay up to the trends or find a fresh funky wardrobe, look to second-hand stores and consignment shops for your needs. These stores boast unique and lightly used clothing at a discount that rivals expensive outlets and stuffy boutiques.

We’ve put together a guide about why you should choose consignment and second-hand stores over the mall and how to find the best for you.

The Benefits of Consignment and Thrift Stores

1. Consignment stores are great for buyers and sellers alike

Consignment stores run a simple business where sellers can bring in gently used designer clothes and receive a portion of the profit after the item is sold. Other stores will give sellers cash up front.

When shopping at consignment stores, look to classic brands and vintage apparel you can buy right from the shop instead of stressing over racks at a boutique. Luxury Shops will help you find a coveted purse or gown that fits your style and your budget.

2. Second-hand stores may feature regular sales

Second-hand and thrift stores feature apparel and accessories for a huge percentage less than if the items were bought new. Local second-hand stores may even have tag days where you can buy jewelry, handbags, and clothing for a few dollars or less.

Consider taking a trip to a local thrift store and seeing what inventory they have to offer, as well as if they have specific tag days. It’s okay to window shop, but be aware these items can be sold merely moments after you walk out the door!

3. Consignment and second-hand stores are more than just fashion

While fashion for men and women take up most aisles of thrift stores and consignment stores, your local second-hand store can have much more. Take a look around for vintage furniture and decor for your home. Retro memorabilia and children’s items can also be readily available when you need to save money for your family and lifestyle.

How to Find a Second Hand Store

Word-of-mouth is the best way to find a consignment or thrift store, so ask your friends! You can also look to postings on social media or ads in your local paper. Don’t be afraid to duck into that small shop in your neighborhood where you’ve never been; who knows? You may find the second-hand store of your dreams!