Which material is the best for canvas prints?

Canvas is an ideal surface that is used to recreate beautiful works of art. Nowadays, people are using canvas prints for different purposes. Regardless of where you want to use a canvas print, you have to focus on the materials used to make such prints. Finding out this information as you order for canvas prints can help you make an informed decision.

Canvas prints are made using different materials that you should know about. Canvas itself is known to be a strong fabric that is made using hemp. These days, linen and cotton are slowly replacing hemp in the making of canvases. As you order an art piece printed on canvas, you can choose one that is either made from polyester or cotton.

Cotton canvas prints are made from cotton fibers. Such prints are of a high quality due to the deep penetration of ink into the cloth. If you want to get the exact color of a piece, then printing on cotton canvas prints can help you achieve this. Most of the professional artists make use of this material in the production of custom canvas prints. The natural fibers lead to a deep and beautiful texture of the print.

If you want a canvas print that can last longer, then you should order one made from cotton since the material is known to be more durable. Most of the museums also order cotton canvas prints due to their quality look. Such a print can hold its value over an extended period. Though cotton canvas prints are of high quality, they are known to be quite expensive. You may have to determine if you are willing to pay a higher price for a quality canvas print.

Polyester is a synthetic material that is also used to make canvas prints. Those that are made using this material are known to be a bit more affordable compared to their counterparts. You need to compare the price range of both materials and choose one that does not strain you financially. These two materials also differ in regard to the exactness of color. While color tends to seep through cotton fibers more, it remains on the surface of polyester strands.

This makes polyester canvas prints more vivid compared to cotton canvas prints. Since the material is synthetic, canvas prints made using it are smooth when it comes to the texture. Most of the photographers, therefore, choose this material over cotton since they prefer a less painterly texture which makes the fine details of images more visible.

The problem with polyester canvas prints is that they cannot last very long. Since the ink remains on the surface, it can result in issues such as cracking in the future. Both of the materials, therefore, have their merits and demerits. To avoid a lot of issues, you should consider choosing a poly-cotton blend. Canvas prints that are made from a combination of both cotton and polyester are not much affected by external conditions.

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