Which Bouquets Can We Get In Good Floral Budget For Wedding

The bridal flower bouquet is indeed one very important thing to pay attention to at a wedding reception. This bridal flower bouquet will certainly enhance the beautiful impression of your ongoing wedding, so you can’t just pick it up. However, most of you are still confused in choosing the right bridal bouquet for the budget you have and are not too expensive. No need to worry anymore because we have summarized how to choose the right type of flowers for your wedding reception at relatively cheap prices.

Of course, couples who are getting married are preoccupied with various prints related to the marriage’s implementation — starting from buildings, food, invitations, souvenirs, clothes, flowers, and many more. All of that, of course, costs a lot. Usually, the bride and groom will make details of the expenses and the priority scale. Buildings and food have top priority and will take up half of the budget. Then what about the other components, such as bridal flowers. What is the budget made regarding flowers in a wedding celebration? The flowers here include boutonniere, corsage, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and decorations. Just like the sky has no limits, you cannot set the budget related to flowers in weddings at the exact nominal. Everything depends on finances, wants, and needs. However, in reality, Wedding Organizer experts say you can budget 8% of your total budget for interest. Here are some tips for saving money related to flowers’ needs for weddings.

In choosing the type of flower to arrange a bridal bouquet, you need to pay attention if you don’t want to spend too much on a budget. Here are ten types of flowers that are often arranged to be used as bridal flowers that you can choose on a small budget:

  1. Roses

Roses are very popular flowers to be used as bridal flowers because their shapes and colors are so beautiful. Roses also have a price that is not too high, so they are very suitable to be used as bridal flowers if your budget is limited. Flower Advisor Singapore is the place to buy the right rose bouquet singapore.

  1. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies, which have a lovely shape and color, are also very suitable for assembling into a bridal bouquet. Just adding a few other decorative ornaments will look very beautiful. Gerbera daisies used as bridal flowers are included in a classic bridal flower arrangement.

  1. Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers have quite large flower crowns, so it only takes a few stems to fill the vase until it is full. However, when you choose this flower to be used as a bridal bouquet, you have to be very careful because this type of flower can be very fragile after being cut. But you don’t need to worry if these flowers wilt, because when the flower stems are submerged in water, they can look fresh again.

  1. Daisy Spray

Spray daisy flower belongs to the type of strong flower and has a reasonably long life. This flower is straightforward when combined with other kinds of flowers to provide beautiful colors that are perfect for your bridal bouquet.

  1. Lilies

The existence of the lily flower does not need to be doubted. These lilies come in various bright colors and sizes, which can be adjusted to your liking. Your wedding party will look even more beautiful with the presence of this bridal flower bouquet.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are the perfect flowers for a flower bouquet for your wedding party. When combined with a more expensive flower of the same color, this flower will look even more beautiful. Therefore, there is no reason to write off this type of flower from the list for your wedding flower bouquet.

  1. Tulip

Tulips that look beautiful, simple, and of course are very suitable to be used as a wedding flower bouquet. This flower will be very appropriate if your wedding has a spring wedding concept.

  1. Wax Flowers

Candle flowers with a minimal size have always been one of the favorite types of flowers to be used as a bridal bouquet. This flower consists of several kinds of colors, ranging from white, purple to pink. This flower will look even more beautiful if mixed with other types of flowers that are not too flashy.

  1. Baby’s Breath

Whether you like it or not, baby’s breath has won a place as a low-budget but charming flower in recent years. Baby’s breath flowers are perfect if used as a bridal bouquet when mixed with other types of flowers, such as wax flowers.

  1. Begonia

Tiny begonia flowers are seen as one type of flower that looks sweet and beautiful. This flower is very suitable for a wedding flower bouquet because the budget is not too high.


Prices of bouquets for condolences and flowers for weddings are varied and objective. The selling price of flower bouquets from one flower shop to another has a cage. Flower arrangement designs, floral materials, medium vase, and other aspects of the arrangement from any florist, Singapore florist, or anywhere else vary. The quality of the ingredients also determines. However, in general, the difference in the series interest price is not too far, especially for the same area or region.

One of the considerations or calculation of the bouquet’s price is determined by the use of the type of flower material used, the origin of the flowers, the size of the flowers, or the shape of the design. What is common in flower arrangements is that there are more variations, the size of the flower arrangements, the more complicated designs, or the longer time needed to manufacture, the price is definitely higher. Many use imported flowers abroad because shipping and flower care are very expensive.