Where Can You Find the Cheapest Living Costs and Properties?

When it comes to moving abroad, it makes a lot of fiscal sense to head somewhere your cash is worth a lot more. For those of us from the US, UK and Western Europe, it can be shocking how cheaply you can happily and comfortably live in other parts of the world. Just make sure you pick the right company to help you move, and you can expect a vastly better, and cheaper, quality of life.

South America

South America is one of the best up and coming continents for expats. With spectacularly low living costs, cheap property and gorgeous scenery, South America has some ideal locations when it comes to moving, not least because of how easy it is to get residency there. It can make for an extremely easy move, and you’ll get a lot for your money.

Nicaragua’s cheap food, property and world-famous rum mean you can live like a king on $1,500 a month, it’s not too hard to get a visa or residency either. Ecuador can be a great option, with equally cheap property, and the same goes for Peru. Expect good food, cheap living and extremely inexpensive property across a lot of South America.


Europe has plenty of amazing destinations where you can find superbly low-priced property, and a high quality of life, not to mention low living costs. Two places stand out as being the cheapest, both for property, and living costs. Portugal and Hungary.

Portugal boasts an atmosphere and climate very similar to Spain and France, while being a little more varied and interesting than either, not to mention massively cheaper, to the tune of around half the overall living costs, and much cheaper properties. You get all the benefits of living in Europe with clean water, solid healthcare, and amazing wine and food.

Hungary has Budapest, and is the cheapest country to live in in Europe, with incredibly cheap properties to rent and purchase as well as low living costs. Budapest is one of the best cities in the world to check out as well, with tons of culture, architecture, history and nightlife, all very inexpensive.


Asia is much more complicated than other destinations on this list. Many countries can be very awkward when it comes to visas and residency, and you could find yourself having to mess around a lot getting that sorted. It can be much easier if you’re retirement age though. Beyond that however, you’ll find some of the cheapest living and property costs, friendlies people, and safest cities in the world.

Malaysia can be a solid choice, with low living costs, frequently spoken English and cheap property, while being relatively easy to move to. Vietnam’s exploding tech scene, and burgeoning industry, combined with cheap living and property costs can be very appealing too, and Cambodia is similar.