When you Wear Your Tie Next Time, to Make Right Impression Follow These Dos & Don’ts


Some rules everyone knows are from their common sense when it comes to wearing a tie in the right way. You would know that wearing the same pattern shirt and tie won’t suit or you should wear a tie such a way that its tip touches your belt. There are also a few unknown or lesser known facts of how you should wear your Utah tie that will guide when you plan and wear your tie next time:

  • Tip of the tie should just touch your belt line

Your tie shouldn’t cross your belt line; it should be slightly higher.

  • Wear a large checked tie with a small checked shirt

When you make the combination of a small checked shirt with a large checked tie, if it is made nicely, it will look perfect. Ensure about the checks and color palette of your shirt and tie.

  • When wearing a tie pin/bar, make sure to put it between the third and fourth button of your shirt

Therefore, it won’t look high or low and make sure that the pin/bar is not wider than your tie.

  • Always the thin part of the tie should be a bit shorter than the wide part

If you are unsuccessful after trying several times, then you can cheat it by sticking the thinner part of your tie inside your shirt.

  • Make your tie well hidden from under your shirt’s collar

In most cases, jacket hides the collar of your shirt, but when it doesn’t, you can fold your tie inside your collar so that it can’t be seen from below the collar. Also, you can try a shirt with a wide spread collar.

  • To display that in everything you do you put the time in it, put a dimple on your tie

The dimple on a tie is a sign of elegance. It will say a lot about your personality, maturity, and will attract attention from others.