What’s a Cuban link chain?


In today’s world, it is nothing unusual when you see men wearing jewellery. Furthermore, there are more and more men who want to underline their special style so they buy gold chains. It is also worth to add, that hip-hop chains have become one of the most popular chains these days and this article will tell more about Cuban link chains that may be a fantastic solution for beginners as well as men who have already worn the hip-hop jewellery.

  1. Different types of hip-hop chains
  2. The Cuban link chain – everything you need to know

Different types of hip-hop chains

Before making the final choice when it comes to buying hip-hop chains, it is worth to learn more about the types of chains that are available to customers. Luckily, the range of products in mens chains – The GLD Shop is really huge and every hip-hop fan as well as a professional hip-hop performer will find something practical and suitable for him.

The first interesting men chain is called rope chain. Why? Because it looks like a rope – the links are composed in such a way. It is also recognised as one of the most stunning male jewellery. 

Secondly, it is worth to pay attention at cable chains – you may recognise them easily by numerous oval links in the same size. 

Another interesting hip-hop chain is well-known as a ball chain that is often also called bead chain. It consists of several tiny beads that are linked together. 

However, one of the most easily recognised chain outside the hip-hop world is puffed marine chains. It is also used by sailors and every person who is associated with this sport. It is a typical hip-hop chain, a standard one – the first choice. 

All of those hip-hop chains look more beautiful when they are made of 14k or 10k gold. The majority of them can be also worn with pendants that will underline the special character of the jewellery as well as the person who wears it.

The Cuban link chain – everything you need to know

Cuban chain is one of the most popular type of chains among hip-hop artists as well as the fans of the music genre. It is also one of the chains that you may easily get at mens chains – The GLD Shop.  The characteristic features of this necklace are oval links that are linked together. Every oval link in of the same size. It is sold in different sizes (length): 

– 16 cals – 40.64 cm

– 18 cals – 45,72 cm

– 20 cals – 50.80 cm

– 22 cals – 55,88 cm

– 24 cals – 60,96 cm

– 30 cals – 76,20 cm


Who should consider wearing Cuban chain from the mens chains – The GLD Shop.? This chain is appropriate for young males as well as a mature men. 

Who will be satisfied with Cuban chain as a gift? It is a perfect idea for a present for a friend, a dad, a husband and a boyfriend. They will definitely love it!

When the Cuban chain can be worn? It all depends on the occasion. However, the chain is suitable enough for formal events, too. The male users may enjoy wearing it for a date, at a wedding reception, a birthday party or a wedding anniversary. It may be also worn at official meetings at work when it suits the male’s outfit. 

If you are interested in one of the men’s necklaces, you should definitely get them in one of the online stores. You may be sure that when you select puffed marine chain, ball chain, cable chain, rope chain or Cuban chain you will make a great decision and you will be trendy and popular among hip-hop fans as well as artists.