What your eye makeup says about you

According to research, make up says a lot about a person. Like other self expression forms, make up tells more about a person. In most cases, the choice of makeup that a woman opts for shows their own personal reflection. Research has proven that women wearing makeup are more beautiful and attractive to other people. Some outlets such as the mixtrade offer the best products and services that help bring out the best in you. A well done makeup causes an exaggeration on the femininity face and can make women seem to be young by the looks. Below are ways that describe how makeup says about women.

To begin with, eye make-up shows that women who love make-up are perceived to have a great interest in men. They are also seen as promiscuous and have a socio-sexuality that involves an interest in sexual relations that are short term and uncommitted. Basically, when women apply makeup they become more than other ladies without make up so that they can be more attractive to men.  More so, according to research, men are victims to the sexual over-perception bias and tend to be attracted more to ladies with makeup. To this extent, therefore, women with make-up are believed to be more seductive, confident, assertive and sociable.

Women who apply make-up are believed to have more confidence. Confidence is a strong personal attribute. Therefore, applying makeup in ladies tells a lot about their personality. These types of ladies have a strong personality and are go getters. Through boosting their confidence, they are able to stretch their limits. Most of them are also appreciative, as they give the best appearance that can describe them. They also have a strong believe about themselves and will stop at nothing to appreciate the best of their version no matter the situation.

Women with makeup show a person’s respect for others. For instance, astonishing makeup is related with the attendance of formal and special events. Stunning looks as a result of perfect makeup in such events is a way of showing how a lady respects the individuals who invited her to attend the occasions. During important occasions, women are expected to turn out smart and looking lovely and that is spiced by the use of makeup.

A woman who uses makeup is also considered to be sociable which is a very good personality. Connecting with people is a good way to show how people are eager to learn and share ideas. The main reason why women apply makeup is to be attractive and beautiful. Since time in the past, beauty has been seen as a way that women connect with each other. Every woman wants to be beautiful and will go to all limits to share and connect with other women in order to fulfill this quest. To this extent, therefore, makeup is good thing to do for women and should not be perceived to be a bad thing. In addition, those applying makeup should look into it that their skin is not affected health wise.