What to Look Out For in a

When it comes to selecting the best quality of cashmere fabric, there are several things you have to consider. There are so many kinds of cashmere that someone who does not have a good idea about the fabric may not be able to tell the difference between the high and low qualities. In determining the best quality, there are four tests one can run on the material. A cashmere fabric that passes these four tests is undoubtedly of good quality. The tests are outlined below:

  • The Touch Test
  • The Stretch Test
  • The Pilling Test
  • The Look Test

Now we are going to observe these tests one after the other.

The Touch Test

When you touch cashmere, it should not feel scratchy against your skin. Good quality cashmere is supposed to feel soft to the touch, although it may not be overly soft because it’s new. As time goes on, it gradually gets softer. Some companies increase the softness of cashmere by treating the fabric with chemical additives and softeners, or simply by over-washing it. So when a cashmere fabric feels too soft to your touch, you need to be suspicious of its quality.

The Stretch Test

This is another thing to look for in cashmere; it is a common determinant of the quality of the material. You only have to gently stretch out the piece of cashmere and see if it will go back to shape when you release it. If the cashmere is of good quality, it will return to its original shape; low-quality cashmere, on the other hand, will remain out of shape when you stretch it. Also, when you stretch it, look through it. When the knits are tight, then the cashmere is of good quality. It means that the cashmere will remain in shape for a long time, and it is less susceptible to holes.

The Pilling Test

When you rub your hand over the cashmere item and little balls begin to form under your touch, this is a sign that the cashmere contains an excess amount of shorter hairs. This screams of nothing but low quality. Of course, over time all cashmere will pill when rubbed, but they should not pill at the initial touch if they are of good quality.

The Look Test

You can tell the quality of cashmere by simply looking at it. A small amount of fluffiness shows that longer hairs were used – this simply means that there will be less pilling – and the fluffiness should be between 1-2mm. However, if it turns out to be more fluffy than that, then it’s an indication that shorter hairs have been used; this can increase softness, but it also means that it will be susceptible to more pilling. Such kinds of cashmere often wear out quicker.


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