What Makes De Leon’s Carbon Fiber Collection so Special?

Elise Handbag that is part of our carbon fiber collection from De Leon that is made of one of the most non-traditional materials in the fashion world. There is more to this unique material than for safety and durability and with this brand, it will become even more mainstream. Elise is a premier handbag collection made of a combination of genuine calf leather and jet black carbon fiber leather. The combination has a luxurious and timeless appeal to it along with a more modern and practical touch to it.

Introduction of Carbon Fiber in Fashion

Carbon fiber is new to the world of fashion, but it has been in use for many years in several industries. This unique material has been used in the automotive and aerospace industries for several decades for offering exceptional strengthen and durability while being quite lightweight.

When used in the fashion world, it brings along the advantages of longevity, durability and light weight. Some of its key properties include:

  • High strength to weight ratio compared to most other materials
  • Lower mass
  • High resistance to corrosion which means Elise is a lifetime collection. Both carbon fiber and calfskin contribute to high abrasive resistance of the collection.

Calfskin is unique in offering one of the softest, premium materials while also having excellent resistance to abrasion. You can also carry it in harsh conditions due to its high durability. You will not have to worry when your handbag comes in contact with rough surfaces.

Carbon fiber finds application in even medical equipment sports fields. When you choose the Carbon Fiber Collection, you will have a bag that is 17 times stronger than spider silk. The version of the material used in making these handbags stands out for its looks and feel because it is as close to leather as it can get. This specially designed leather from De Leon has also been used by designers for creating a wide range of accessories. This is among the first brands to have considered its application in the world of fashion and style, delivering something that is beautiful, practical, flexible, and durable beyond any other existing alternative.