What kind of dog collars are there?

When you walk outside through the park or along the waterfront you will see many people walking their dogs. Some dogs are so well behaved that you can easily let them run free without a leash. Most dogs, however, stay on the leash because they can get into dangerous situations by running away. There are many different types of dogs. It is therefore not surprising that there are also many different types of collars. In this article we will tell you more about the different collars that exist so that you can buy the best one for your dog.


The collar as everyone knows it. Usually made of leather and sometimes nylon (see picture). This is the basic collar most people start out with and continue to use for the rest of their lives provided the dog is taught that he achieves nothing by pulling. Dog collars are really interesting and worth considering.

Halfcheck (half slip)

The half check is a half leather or nylon strap with a metal chain in between, which works correctively. As soon as the dog threatens to pull, you give a tug on the belt, which pulls the chain tight.

Slip Chain

The slipketting is entirely made of metal and if you put it on well, it only closes at the moment of correction and falls off again afterwards. If you use the slipketting wrongly strangles the chain the dog because the chain after the correction no longer falls loose. If you use the slipketting then the dog can run always but on one side.

Herder Ketting

The shepherd chain is almost the same as the slipketting only with coarser links. The corrective effect is less.

Hunting line

The hunting line is a rope or nylon leash with a slip collar attached to it. These lines are widely used for hunting training so that when the leash is off, the dog cannot snag on anything.

Pinch collar

The pinch collar is a metal strap but with sharp pins on the inside. You cannot correct a dog with this, he does that himself by pulling. The pinch collar can cause injury to the neck of the dog. This collar you see is sometimes used in the Netherlands in the dog sport IPO (protection work).

Dog harness

The dog harness is placed around the neck as well as around the chest. With this harness, the pressure is taken off the neck. It is not ideal for unlearning pulling because the dog can use its maximum strength here.