What is this popper on the collar of my kimono?

These kimonos are extensive collar, or hirer, kimono. The collar ought to be folded in whilst you put on it. Before you positioned your kimono on, clip the popper in order that the collar is folded inwards. When you’re straightening the collar, ensure it’s folded in well the entire manner down.

How do you use a Tenugui?

There are such a lot of approaches to apply a Tenugui! You can dangle it as a tapestry, or use it as a desk runner. It may be wrapped round as a scarf, or saved for your bag as a handkerchief or towel. In the summer time season Tenugui are regularly used to wipe away sweat within side the sweltering Japanese summer time season! Don’t worry, they’re clean to clean.

Is all products new or second hand products?

We have a small series of remarkable antique kimono and hoary kimono jackets. These are one-of-a-type pre-owned items. They are all defined as ‘antique‘. All different items, inclusive of all yukata and washer-friendly silk kimono robe long are logo new.

How do you wash Furoshiki or Tenugui?

You can wash your Furoshiki or Tenugui in a machine. Use an impartial, bleach-unfastened detergent and keep away from washing it with different shades. Do now no longer tumble-dry and keep away from leaving your Furoshiki or Tenugui in direct daylight for prolonged durations as shades might also additionally fade.

Why is your Tenugui frayed at the last?

Tenugui are historically now no longer hemmed at both end. One concept is that that is to assist them dry after common makes use of as a hand cloth. It is absolutely or everyday to have frayed threads on the ends. After some washes your Tenugui will now no longer fray. If the threads trouble you, you could reduce them off with scissors. Do now no longer pull on them because it will harm the Tenugui.

How do you Noreen robes?

Noreen robes have a loop sewn within side the top. Insert your curtain rod via the loop to dangle. Please notice that the Noreen curtains do now no longer encompass a curtain rod. Noreen does now no longer dangle the entire manner to the ground.

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