What is the Weight of Thor’s Hammer?

It’s almost amazing that no one thought of it sooner! Some geeky scientists have tried to solve this very relevant question: how much does Thor’s hammer weigh?

Before Marvel appropriated the myth, Thor was originally a deity of Norse mythology. God of Thunder, he was widely revered in the Germanic world. His main characteristics was nhis hammer, Mjöllnir, protector of gods and men against Chaos. Just that.

A great tool/weapon with such a force must necessarily be quite heavy… But while it invaded the popular imagery via the comics and the cinema, nobody hitherto had studied this question however legitimate and rather obvious: what is the weight of this famous hammer? Sit back and relax this Thors hammer article will unveil its approximate weight.

Basic Explanations

According to the myth, Thor’s hammer was forged in the heart of a dying star. In the comics, it is composed of Uru, a metal originating from Asgard, the kingdom of the Gods. According to this version, Mjöllnir would weigh about 19 kilos.

Mjöllnir is also an enchanted hammer, a spell that makes it unliftable so that no one but its true owner Thor can lift it. But scientists wonder: is it really the magic of the hammer that prevents anyone from grasping it or its weight? 

The theory developed above assumes that Mjöllnir is derived from the densest star in the universe: a neutron star.

Definition: A neutron star is a celestial body of 19 km circumference, born of a supernova and can contain twice the mass of the sun. Small, but powerful. It is as if a piece of sugar alone contained the whole mass of humanity.

Therefore, taking into account the dimensions of this mythological object and assuming that it is entirely composed of the aforementioned material, the hammer should weigh at least:

4,634,850,000,000,000 kg

Wow right? And yes indeed, it is not within the reach of all arms.


Thor being the protector of men and gods was not really the most revered or feared god, but his hammer is quite a wonder. Of course, the figure we posted above isn’t exact but an approximate; we haven’t touched it or lifted it yet. Lol. But this god weapon must surely be heavy considering how important it is. But it has been said that if you have a pure heart and a clear conscience then you can pick up the hammer with very little effort.