What is the Wedding Ring?

What is the Wedding Ring and what it represents?

We could say that the promise ring is the traditional jewel with which we ask the person with whom we want to share our life and we would not be wrong, it would be correct and possibly the answer that many people would give to this question. But is this answer enough to make sense of what the wedding ring is?

What is the wedding ring?

The wedding ring and its meaning

Starting from the main idea mentioned above, the engagement ring is the one that is given to the bride on the day of the request of hand, an act also known as “marriage proposal “. Usually the groom gives the engagement ring with the illusion in USA most of the people buy rings from https://www.midwestjewellery.com/ that he uses it from the moment of the proposal because it indicates to the rest of the people that he is committed. In principle, the latter may sound a bit macho if analyzed from a point of view of “possession”, but nothing is further from reality as it is a voluntary and love event, the bride being who, and in many cases , you want the ring to be identified with your sentimental situation. In fact there are many brides who do not use the engagement ring daily because sometimes it is very valuable or simply because you do not want to make the ring ostentation, leaving this jewel to be worn on special occasions.

Engagement Rings

Where Does the Custom of Engagement Rings Come From?

The reality is that it is not known with certainty where the tradition of the engagement ring comes from but we do have some historical indications that give us clues. Some authors date this tradition 3000 years BC in Egypt having found silver, gold or wire rings in the third finger of the left hand (it is said to be connected to the heart) of women. Other authors take us to the year 200 BC in Rome indicating that it was common for married women to have two rings, one of gold and used in public to indicate that they were married, and another iron used in their homes in common work. There is even someone who tells us that the tradition of delivering the engagement ring comes from the seventh century in Palestine.

Said the above, and going to the certainties, what is documented is that it was Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the year 1477 who proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy with a gold ring with diamonds that had the shape of M. From this moment extends between the nobility and the wealthy class this custom. Now, when is the custom of the engagement ring widespread at a general level in society?

In the middle of the 19th century, large diamond mines were discovered in South Africa (until then, diamonds were scarce and most of them came from India and some South American country). The discovery and exploitation of these mines allowed the price of diamonds to fall significantly, helping the middle classes have access to buy the most precious gem of nature.

How much does a Ring Cost to Ask for a Marriage?

The question of “What is an engagement ring” is not linked to the price of this jewel, but we do believe that the price of engagement rings is a matter of great importance and that is why we give a vision about it. Although we have already discussed this topic in other articles of our blog, it is worth mentioning this question. The price of a wedding ring is something totally and absolutely subjective and will depend on many factors. The first of these is the economic one because the boyfriend cannot be asked to buy the one that the girlfriend likes best if her financial situation does not allow it. Therefore the price will be a key factor in the decision.

What Factors Intervene in the Value of the Engagement Ring?

Undoubtedly the three most important factors to know the value of an engagement ring are the following:

  1. – The design and exclusivity.
  2. – The precious metals used.
  3. – The quality of the diamond / s.

The jeweler will always give a value to their jewelry based on these three indicated aspects. The manufacturing and exclusive design, the use of noble metals such as gold or platinum and a diamond of great quality, will result in a price not always affordable to all pockets. Therefore we must see what to do to acquire a quality engagement ring without us supposing an economic imbalance or the impossibility of acquiring it.

There are many designs already made in jewelry that do not require a special effort by the jeweler, these designs are often as beautiful as those that are manufactured with the exclusivity of a unique ring. On the other hand an engagement ring in gold or platinum it will not be much less than the final value of the ring. Where the key to the price is in the diamond. So if the bride and groom want the hand ring to wear a diamond, the smartest thing is to go to a diamond of good quality but something smaller than we had thought. We do not advise buying a diamond of poor quality in order to gain in size, it is a ring of pleasant memories that passes from generation to generation and in the quality of the diamond is the intention of both sentimental and economic value. The best thing is that the boyfriend has a budget and does not exceed it by more than 10/15%.