What Are The Different Types Of Sunday Church Hats?

When it comes to Sunday Church Hats, it is considered a part of your identity. They allow you to express your faith and have a long history behind them. The hats have been an important part of churchgoers’ dressing and continue to be important in some churches. Explore the importance and history of the hats and the different types which are prevalent.

Church Hat Origins

The practice of wearing Sunday Hats finds its origins in the Bible itself. Head covering practice has found mention in a Corinthians verse. The basic head covering tradition has evolved over the centuries to become part of churchgoing women’s attire. There has been an increased preference for simple hats, worn out of respect for the service.

Types of Sunday Church Hats

A wide range of Sunday Hats are prevalent among church-going women. Some of the common styles include the following:

  • Wide-Brimmed Church Hats: If you want to make a more pronounced statement, you would choose wide-brimmed hats. They feature a big bow on one side and the brim is tilted up on one side. The larger adornment helps create a more balanced look.
  • Cloche Hats: These are close-fitted Sunday Hats in the shape of a bell. Traditionally made of felt, these hats are designed to conform to your head. You can have the brim turned up or down based on your preferences. They can feature large bows or ribbons. Choose from a wide range of materials, colors, and styles to match your Sunday dress.
  • Fascinator Hats: Many women wear fascinators to the church. These headpieces are lighter and can work as attention-grabbing accessory. Again, you can find these Sunday Church Hats in a wide range of styles.

While wearing a hat to the Sunday service can add more value to the experience, with so many options available you can be spoilt for choice.