What are the Best Materials for Men’s Lightweight Sweatshirts?

When buying men’s lightweight sweatshirts, your concern should be on the material too. For most people, the priority always seems to be on pricing and design. Many also look at the sweatshirt’s comfort levels.

However, materials should be just as important as any other quality or factor you base your choice of these types of clothes on. The material determines how comfortable you will be in the sweatshirt. The choice of material also determines how fashionable you look in men’s zip up sweatshirts.

What are the most common materials for men’s zip up sweatshirts?


Without any doubt, fleece is the most common material you are likely to notice on any men’s zip up sweatshirts. Why is it so popular? Fleece stands out for two main reasons. First, it is warm. Two, it is easy to take care of and keep in great condition.

What is more, fleece is also:

  1. Machine washable
  2. Machine dryable
  3. Soft on the skin


Most people you see wearing men’s zip up sweatshirts are likely to have chosen the ones made of cotton. This material and its blends is the second most popular choice after fleece. Cotton sweatshirts are extremely popular with people living in areas with high rainfall.

Men’s zip up sweatshirts are popular because they:

  • Repel water
  • Helping wearers to remain dry

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Heavy fleece

Heavy fleece is the choice of material in areas with cold temperatures. Men’s zip up sweatshirts made of this material and wool blends are in great demand in colder climates. They help the body to retain heat hence ensuring that the wearer stays warm.


Nylon has also proven to be popular with people who need men’s zip up sweatshirts. Nylon is the perfect fabric for any man who wishes to wear something that repels moisture effectively. It’s suitable in any weather too!

Brushed Cotton

You may be reading this and wondering what brushed cotton is. Well, it refers to the high-end American cotton. It is ideal for individuals who can never wear anything unless it has the softest texture. If that describes you, then brushed cotton is the best choice for you.

Get men’s zip up sweatshirts designed to repel water if you are from a place renowned for cold climate. This type of sweatshirt will also serve you well if you need a good sweatshirt for winter. A sweatshirt with lining would also work well for you in such circumstances.

For cooler or warmer climates, you should limit your choices to men’s zip up sweatshirts made of cotton or polyester. Fleece is also a good material for the sweatshirts for anyone who needs them in warmer climates.

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