Warm Weather Styles for Winter Escapes

It’s fall, which means it’s time for fall fashions. Get ready for autumn colors, cute sweaters, hip coats and boots, and more.

Of course, if you’re already missing spring and summer looks, never fear. You still have a way to dress for warm weather when it’s chilly outside. Focus your wardrobe dreams on your next warm-weather vacation. When you ditch your chilly hometown for some time in Florida or Hawaii, you’ll have a great excuse to wear new summer gear.

Why dressing great on vacation matters

Your big vacation isn’t about what you wear — it’s about having a good time and getting recharged before you head back to school or work. But that doesn’t mean that your clothes don’t matter.

Getting the right vacation wardrobe will help you feel confident and attractive, which will boost your self-esteem. And comfortable clothes are a must when you’re taking a trip — the heat like a burden instead of a relief if you’re overdressed.

On top of all of this, hip clothes will also make you look more at home in your temporary surroundings. That can be a big help in protecting you from pickpockets and others who prey on obvious tourists. And, on a more positive note, it might help you win friends and have better interactions with the locals.

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Plus, loving what you wear will make you happier with the photographs you take when you’re on vacation. If you’re going to show off on Instagram, you want to put your best face — and outfit — forward.

What to wear for your warm-weather escape

So what do you wear when it’s warm? It’s been so cold lately that you may feel like you’ve already forgotten. But we’ve got the information you need.

You’ll want light, breezy, breathable fabrics for your warm-weather trip. Be sure to invest in beachwear for those sun-and-sand days, and athletic gear for any activities you have planned. Those surf lessons in Waikiki will show you how to ride the waves, but only you can decide how good you want to look doing it.

Of course, you should also take this opportunity to revisit your favorite clothes from this summer. They may say that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but that rule certainly doesn’t apply to tropical locales. So, by all means, bust out that hip white dress while you’re on vacation.

How to shop for summer clothes in winter

Buying a bunch of new clothes for your vacation might not sound like the most economical thing in the world, but never fear. You can do a lot to save big on your vacation wardrobe.

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For starters, think about where you’re shopping. You don’t have to choose between cheap clothes at huge retailers and fancy high-priced items at tiny boutiques in your hometown or the big city. Instead, enjoy low prices and high quality clothes at the same time by choosing to shop at a trendy online boutique. Since online retailers have fewer overhead costs, they can generally offer you lower prices on your clothes. And because online boutiques are still small, fashion-forward outlets, they’ll deliver the kind of hip fits and high quality you’d expect.

If you’re ditching a cold-weather location for a nice warm vacation, you should consider doing some of your shopping right in your hometown. Summer styles may be on sale at this time of year, both at the mall and online at stores that target customers in areas that are cold right now.

If you shop smart and spend right, you should be able to put together a great vacation wardrobe on the cheap.