Want to Wear Something Unique? Try Animal Design Jewelry

If you’re on the hunt for something different to wear with your outfits, try our animal design jewelry. Our pieces are incredibly unique and different. You’re not likely to find anything very similar anywhere.

Our feather necklace, pendant, and ring are among our more interesting and detailed pieces. The engraving of the feather is detailed, and you can wear all three or a couple of pieces at the same time. Bringing the gracefulness of a soaring bird into a piece of jewelry isn’t very simple. We are proud that our craftsmanship is such that you can almost imagine each piece is a real feather embossed in gold, black, silver, or copper color.

If you’re more a king of the jungle kind of guy, our lion charm is a great addition to a bracelet or necklace. The Mister Lion Plus Bead Bracelet is available in black, gold, silver, or copper color finishes, and it features a gold lion head bead with a full mane that stands out from the monochromatic beads. The Mister Lion Ring is similar to the lion bead bracelet, but the mane of the lion on the ring is longer below the lion’s chin. It is also available in four color finishes. We also offer the Mister Lioness Plus Bead Bracelet if you’re more interested in the hunter of the lion species.

We also feature rings and bracelets of serpents that have caught their tails in their mouths. One of them is the Mister Ouroboros Ring that is available in four colors. The Mister serpent Wrap Leather Bracelet V1 is a simple bracelet with a snake head and tail of simple, but elegant design. Versions 2 and 3 of the Mister Serpent Wrap Leather Bracelet are longer than V1, and they wrap around your arm multiple times.

If you’re wanting something a little more on the fun side, a Mister Pug Ring is the right choice. Dog lovers everywhere can relate to this fun ring. This ring is available in a gold, black, or silver finish. The Mister Wolf ring is a bit more serious than the pug ring, and it can remind you to be a collaborative team (pack) member and to be strong and determined in whatever you’re working on.

Our animal design jewelry is just what you need to bring nature into your wardrobe in an elegant and fun way. Since you can choose from a variety of finishes, you may want to purchase more than one piece to match all the outfits you wear.