Valuemags Helps You Discover the Roles and Responsibilities of Your Bridal Party

Are you engaged to be married? Valuemags offers the best-priced bridal magazines, namely Bridal Guide, so that you can see through all your bridal inspirations by flipping through glossy pages of gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses, and of course get your scoop of the keepsake knowledge that comes with planning this major affair. It’s likely that you haven’t been given a course on how to plan a wedding before, and you may be wondering what roles and responsibilities your wedding party really consist of. Here’s a snapshot breakdown.

The Bride’s Parents: They’re not simply here to pay the wedding bill, although nowadays the wedding expenses are paid by a mix of the couple and their parents. The bride’s mother traditionally plays a role in hosting the first engagement party. She gets to decide what dress she will be wearing, and informs the groom’s mother of her attire so that they can complement each other’s looks.

The Groom’s Parents: They can decide to organize a second engagement party after the bride’s parents go forth with it. They must also provide a guest list for the couple to cover their side of friends and family. They are obligated to host the rehearsal dinner on the exciting night before the wedding ceremony.

The Maid of Honor: Bridal Guide, from Valuemags, states that the maid of honor is chosen by the bride and will often be her sister or best friend. She has the greatest amount of responsibilities related to the bride in the wedding party as she must organize and coordinate all her activities. From dress shopping, to meetings with her event planner, the maid of honor must be ready and alert when coordinating such rendez-vous. She is also responsible for organizing both the bachelorette party and bridal shower. She may also be asked to keep an inventory of gifts and help prepare the invitations. During the wedding ceremony, she will help the bride dress for her special day and arrange her train and veil whenever necessary during the processional.

The Best Man: The best man is chosen by the groom as his brother or best friend. Similarly to the Maid of Honor, he will organize the Bachelor’s Party. He’ll also help the groom pick out his tux for the wedding, confirm the reservations for the honeymoon prior to the wedding and make a special toast during the reception.