Unique Table Lamp for the Kooky in You

These unique table lamp collections will reflect a myriad of individual preferences and color combos. Any one of these lamps will suit your taste in art and comfort. Anything from weird, to organic and sentimental, we’ve got it all for you. Check it out below. 

  • Wayfair’s Giraffe Table Lamp

For the conservative yet witty side of you, you can look no further than this giraffe table lamp. Anyone who’s taller than anyone else can easily relate. Get it on golden yellow or white.

  • Anthropologie’s Rug-Printed Lamp Base

At first glance it looks more like a vacuum flask you can buy from an indie shop, this unique blend of metal, wood and fabric is so getting the unique vibe. Anthropologie and its designs can be so devastatingly chic. 

  • Stone County Ironworks Trestle Iron Lamp

Your staple lamp clashes with practicability and whimsy on this one. It’s also made to suit your choice on finish, options on lighting so you can easily make this rustic, industrial or post modern. 

  • West Elm’s Sphere & Stem Table Lamp

It looks very Kondo-esque with its clean lines and minimalistic features, looking like the full moon. A keeper in our book. 

  • Urban Fitter’s Stained Glass Table Lamp

Stained glass is romantic and it being a lamp is just so fairytale-ish. It’s perfect, even a kid would love this! Wouldn’t this remind you of Esmeralda’s Festival of Fools outfit?

  • My Lovely Presents’ Engraved Lamp

Whether you’re giving this to your mother, sister or girlfriend, it fits the bill with uniqueness and style. Very chic and touching, a rare combo for a humble lantern lamp. Take your pick from cylindrical or rectangular shapes. The fact that it comes with an option for engraved messages is even better.

  1. Williams Sonoma’s Quatrefoil Colored Glass Blush Table Lamp 

This screams like the lush hotel room lamps featured in Marriott’s or from old classical hotels like The Palace of the Pacific .

  • Crate&Barrel’s Rowan Circle Table Lamp

This lamp holds many promises for adaptation. You can easily get a rustic, modern industrial or simply minimalistic vibe by changing its color and material. 

  • Pottery Barn’s Genoa Wooden Table Lamp

This beauty will be as cute as a lamp in your hand or on the table or maybe in the mantle. Gorgeous little flexible beauty, this is. 

  • Wayfair’s Bluetooth Speaker Table Lamp

If you like multifunction things, look no further than this lamp with a built- in bluetooth speaker and a power bank to boot. This is a steal for a three-in-one.  

  • CB2’s Snake Table Lamp

This lamp features the natural lines of a crawling snake. Real snake, it is not but it sure looks so realistic!

  • Urban Outfitter’s Sculpted Urn Table Lamp

Is it a lamp or an urn? It’s both! This lovely clay potted themed unique table lamp is giving us the old civilization vibes. Get a candle that spins in itself and its light would dance on your walls like stars. 

We’d love to take home at least one of these. Visit us at My Lovely Presents. Enjoy!