Women is more than a word, it is more than a phrase. Celebration of this day is not an ordinary day and there are things we need to do in order to ensure that this day is not forgotten. But conventional ways of celebration are not enough. The day is ticking around the corner, and preparations to make it a special day is going on in a complete rush. This day is one of the few days when simple traditions do not suffice and one must plan something extra to make the day special. Certainly it is assured than following conventional ways of living the day will end up making it just another day in the calendar. There are limited ways to celebrate the achievements of a woman, considering all the obstacles they have to overcome for their goals. Convention makes it a boring day and something off the books is necessary. This day is one of the few days when simple traditions do not suffice and one must plan something extra to make the day special. The day is often marked by a complete day portrayal of all the achievements of women made in various spheres of life which include science, technology, art, business, history and politics.

Gift recommendations are a tedious topic and one can devote hours of discussion into it. One of the best ways to celebrate the coveted day is to present gifts to women When it comes to making the gift choices, a lot of time is bound to be spent on it. Rarely has it happened that the perfect gift choice was made in a matter of minutes. It stretches for hours. To simplify the process, a number of choices have been made which is guaranteed to make them smile at the end of the day.

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Tear Free Goggles:

Tearing up with onions is a real problem. The mentioned goggles have been Special designed for the kitchen, with this creative Onion Goggle Glass, one simply does not need to worry about tearing when cutting onion. These are designed to keep onion fumes from your eyes, and to keep you from tearing up. It’s less powerful (does not require any power to run) and so it doesn’t pulverize the onions.

Along with the fact that it prevents eye watering during cutting of onions, it is a very medically effective instrument. There are lots of advantages for using this thing. The lens in each pair of onion goggles offer eye protection from fumes, juices, and sauces from entering into the eyeballs. In addition to it, it also protect your eyes from smoke, spattering, and intense heat when cooking on the open grill. It can also prevent the deposition of sand and dust particles in case of windy days and places where dust is prevalent in the atmosphere. Comfortable foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors and fits most face shapes. On a whole, it is concluded that these googles are a must addition to the list of articles for the next shopping session!

Mermaid Shaped Blanket:

With an open seam to extend land legs all the way into the fins, these pieces of blankets have a unique appearance about themselves. The bottom part of the blanket, as it is obvious from the name itself has the shape of a fin, which can be further decorated with the addition of scale shapes. These blankets are available in all sizes, even for adults who have a childish nature hidden in them! They are easy to slide into and does not pose any problems in being too tight and uncomfortable.

Mermaid shaped blankets have a choice over all of their features. The size, the colour, the extra scales to be added and the material can be specified. The best part about these blankets is that they are not made by used shrink wrap machines. They are sewn by hand, by elder people who now all about children and their needs and aspirations. When an article or a gift is handcrafted, it automatically becomes of a more emotional value than something which has been manufactured in factories.

The concluding gift choice is a custom painting. Custom paintings services are an emerging business and it may take hours to even select the most suitable ones to start a comparison. Fortunately, there are a few who have an edge in almost all the criteria of judgements. Portrait Flip happens to be one of such portals. The flexibility offered in exchange for the minimal cost incurred is a great plus point for customers. Flexibility is offered in terms of the selection of photo to be painted, the style of the painting to be adopted and the size of the frame needed. The photo can be captured using any mobile or a DSLR camera and sent to the contacts provided in the website. The frame size can be selected from the four primary categories: custom frames, big frames, medium frames and small frames. The style of the paintings ranges from oil painting and water colour to charcoal painting and simple pencil sketches. The time of delivery is short and it takes a few weeks to have these paintings for you.

Besides the fact that the site is for custom painting shopping, it is dedicated in inculcating a love of art among people all across the world. Do reciprocate to our efforts by having a look at our galleries online!!