Types of formal suits that you can invest in 2022

The best part about formal clothing is the fact that it can be worn on a number of occasions. Whether you are a man who loves wearing suits to dinner dates or somebody whose dressing code at the office is formal attire, formal suits are must-haves for men’s wardrobes. 

With the changing trends, it may become difficult to keep up with the fashion industry. But you don’t have to worry – this article will help you in all possible ways to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Here, we will share some of the kinds of formal suits that are in fashion this year. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Go Big!

When it comes to a formal suit for men, people often go for perfection – they choose the kind of suits that fit perfectly at the shoulders, waist, arms, and legs. However, being in fashion is all about messing it all up and still looking good. So this season, we recommend you to go for a suit that is oversized.

If you are not sure which kind to go for, you can consider a double-breasted jacket that stops somewhere at the mid-thigh. Since styling such a look requires cleverness, you should not just simply opt for one size up. 

Add Some Color!

Pastels are back in trend and the way it seems, they are not going anywhere. So, stop it with those black, brown, and grey suits and think about some pastel pink, blue, or green. The fact that these tones are not extremely bright makes them perfect for office wear and dinner dates. 

To switch between different occasions, you can even style the suits with tonal variations of a similar color for the tie and shirt. All in all, adding color to make your outfit pop clearly implies that a formal suit is something that can be worn outside a formal setting.

Printed Suit

Prints never go out of fashion and when it comes to formal wear, these are what you should go for. Whether it is the Prince of Wales check or the pinstripe, having a printed suit in the wardrobe is a must. The fact that these do not look too formal on a dinner outing and not too casual on a usual office day is what makes them stand out.

Think Double-Breasted

If you think that a patterned suit would be too much for your daily office wear, then a double-breasted suit is what you are looking for. You can even carry these at weddings and cocktail parties.

The blazer of these suits makes your middle look slim and your shoulders and chest look broad. This is why it is the kind of a formal suit for men that makes everyone opt for it. 

The Bottom Line

Adding a formal suit to your wardrobe can be a hectic job, considering the range of patterns available in the market. Nonetheless, we believe that this article would have helped you in deciding what kind of look you want – whether you wish to go bold at the office or make all the eyes set on you on a dinner date.