Trending long gowns you don’t want to miss this year!

Long gowns are seen to sweep off the runways like a boss! If there is any outfit that has a complete package of all the glitz and glamour, then it is the long gown. Long gowns are known for their bold and sexy appeal. These gowns are no more limited to only the brides for their wedding reception. The abundant styles and patterns make it possible for women to wear the dress at all types of occasions. Even the Indian designers are creating masterpieces our eyes just cannot believe. Their experiments in designing new styles in Indian as well as Indo-western dresses have become highly popular among the masses.

To make the search process easier and to help you get your ideal dress, we have shortlisted few trending long dresses we are sure you will droll on too just like us! Keep reading to explore more in this world of fashion.

  1. The long trail gown

These fairy-like romantic gowns are making to the headlines for all the good reasons. Put on a long trail gown to make a grand entry with all eyes glued on to you. The trail can be covered with intricate embroidery or can be a plain one with a print on it.

  1. Asymmetric gowns online

Gowns with ruffles or uneven hemlines create the most flattering silhouette. Depending on your choice and the occasion, you can also opt for a gown online that has a high hemline till the thigh on one side while the other end reaches the floor. This can transform your look into a bold and sensual new avatar.

  1. Strapless or an off-shoulder dress

It’s time to show off those toned sleek shoulders for which you have been working out since so long. A strapless or an off-shoulder gown gives your upper body well-defined structure and naturally adds elegance. These gowns have been in vogue for quite some time and looking at its popularity, it is surely here to stay and rule!

  1. Gowns with capes and ponchos

The gown can have a floor-length cape or a poncho or it can even have one that is short. Trust us, these gowns can totally make you feel like a Superwoman. These designer gowns can be a great option for girls who wish to hide their arm fat.

  1. Plunging V-neck gowns

You really need to be a daredevil to pull-off this one gracefully. The more comfortable you make yourself feel in this gown, the sexier you look. Remember that only choose this gown if you are willing to wear the gown the way it is without feeling the need to hide the neckline in some way as it might just still away from all the thunder.

  1. Empire waist gowns

These royal gowns are not new to the fashion world yet they will never become out-dated. An empire waist gown helps enhance your feminine body shape. The dress is suitable for all body types and makes you look flawless without much effort.