Top 4 Most Fashionable Celebrity Women

You can find many awesome things on the internet – from various techniques on how to water your lawn to a bunch of dating for seniors websites. However, what we’re really interested is fashion, especially that of celebs.

Speaking of which, it’s well known that women have been carrying style on their shoulders through the ages. In that name, here are our picks for the top 4 most fashionable celebrity women.

  1. Kate Middleton

Now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is easily one of United Kingdom’s most fashionable people. After all, who else to represent the crown in the world of fashion than the Duchess herself?

Kate has been known to wear one-color, fairly simple dresses to red carpet events, with one of her most famous ones being the Alexander McQueen lilac dress paired with a clutch and shoes from Jimmy Choo and a pair of earrings she borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II.

Nobody objected to this beauty marrying Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as that meant someone was finally going to bring some style into the royal family!

  1. Sharlize Theron

You can tell that Sharlize knows her fashion if you look at any random photo of her from the red carpet. Aside from being a beautiful woman, she also has a rocking body and a fashion sense as well.

She was born in South Africa, but she grew up in the USA where she built her career as an actress at first, only to add producing movies and fashion modelling to her portfolio later on. She began starring in movies in the late 90s, but it’s really her bikini choices that make her a fashion icon.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Not everyone likes Gwyneth Paltrow, but if you ask us, there are so many reasons to love her – with her style being as one of the most important ones!

Apart from being a famous actress with roles in movies like “Se7en” and “Iron Man,” Gwyneth is also a singer and a food writer. It’s safe to say that this is all enough to secure her position as one of the biggest celebs Hollywood has ever seen.

However, what we really like about her is her choices when it comes to fashion. Paltrow doesn’t shy from anything, as she has been seen in cute skirts paired with simple linen tops to majestic gowns and sexy tight dresses. You go, girl!

  1. Mila Kunis

Our final entry on this list is Mila Kunis. Short, sweet, sexy and with a whole lot of style – just the way we like it!

Mila moved from the former Soviet republic to Los Angeles when she was only seven (even though she speaks fluent Russian), where she grew up to become one of the prettiest and most talented actresses in Hollywood.

You can find Mila in various movie roles where she’s sporting all kinds of fashionable pieces, but it’s really her choice of red carpet gowns that wow people the most. From flowing and complex ones to simple, ballerina-like dresses and skirts, it’s pretty clear that Mila Kunis is one fashionable celeb.