Top 3 Go-To Items For When You’re Feeling Sexy

All boys, no matter their age, background or a particular taste in women, consider the same things sexy on a girl. We’re not here to go over those particular things today, but we’d like to take the time and remind ourselves how to accentuate best what mother nature gave us. Even if you’re crazy about Tinder, a cowboy dating site or any other digital means to meet men, one thing is for sure, at some point, you’ll see those men in the offline world and you better look ready.

#1: A Cleavage-Revealing Top

Mind you, just sticking boobs into men’s faces definitely sends the message you’re easy, but showing off your assets the right way makes them weak at the knees. There is more than one way to show cleavage, and a VS bra that adds two cup sizes is just one of them.

Girls with awesome boobs can pull off bare-back kinds of tops and go braless, and there is absolutely nothing sexier than a braless girl in a backless top. That’s sexy cleavage that makes you unforgettable.

That being said, a backless top should be your go-to piece if you want to seduce someone or get their attention. Also, sexy straps on a low-cut top are another way to go, and that’s where a VS bra is worth every penny. If you’ve got a country boy on your mind, make sure your uber sexy top is leather!

#2: A Leg-Showing Skirt

OK, legs may not be as popular as some other body parts, but in the right type of skirt and footwear, they can prove to be your primary asset. Guys just love to see some skin, some being the operative word here.

If you go for cleavage, a mini-skirt would be a borderline stripper. At the same time, if you want to show off those legs, wear a tight but not a revealing top and a short skirt that will do the trick.

In the winter time, opt for leather knee-high boots, sexy fishnet stockings, and sequins mini-skirt to make more than a few heads turn. If you’ve got a back like JLo, a tight pencil skirt down to the knees is exceptionally classy and sexy at the same time.

Whatever you do, make sure you match the shoes to the kind of skirt you pick and opt for heels any chance you get, especially if there are nights out involved.

#3: Any Kind of Dress

A dress is pretty much the single sexiest item of clothing you can ever put on. That means wearing the dress that makes you feel the most comfortable is always the way to go.

Whether you’re feeling uber sexy and want to opt for the little black number or want to highlight your feminine side in a long silk dress, you basically can’t go wrong. As long as you’re feeling liberated and all dolled up, your energy will do the trick, and you’ll be the sexiest woman in the room.

A white dress in the summer against your sun-kissed glow or a form-fitting long-sleeve number with boots in the winter will ensure you have guys lined up to be around you.