Top 3 Fashion Tips For Men Who Are Into Older Women

There is something about cougar dating that is just fascinating from both men’s and women’s perspectives that never ceases to amaze. Women who’re into dating younger men often do it for their energy that makes them feel alive, while men who date older ladies do it because they want to feel wanted instead of needed, which often isn’t the case with younger girls. Today, we won’t go over the benefits of cross-generation dating, but instead want to look at a few fashion tips for guys looking to seduce sexy cougars.

#1: Dress Your Age

If you’re 25, you should look like a 25-year-old living in 2018. Forget the ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’ or ‘dress to impress’ tips that misrepresent who you really are. Remember, a cougar wants young meat, not young meat that looks like old meat. This absolutely means dressing the way you feel most comfortable because it is precisely your comfort and ease with which you live your life that will sweep her off her feet. If you’re going to work, and you happen to be an artist, not a corporate shark, dress like an artsy guy next door, not like a bank executive. She doesn’t want a bank executive who’s a slave to his job. She wants freedom, and your laid-back attitude towards living and dressing can give her that.

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#2: Show Off Your Body

Seriously! How many 40-something dudes can say they have a six pack!? As a woman nearing that age, let me tell you, not that many! You’ve got tight muscles, no belly fat, and no lower back problems, and you should absolutely flaunt that! Wear athletic clothing that shows off the level of your fitness that will make her head spin coupled with another tip we’re about to share with you. Athletic clothing makes you look younger, and it is precisely your age that is driving her crazy. In other words, instead of trying to dress like an older guy, dress your age or even better – dress younger!

#3: Accessorize

Accessories may be the only aspect of your style where you might have to look into the future – or check out how more experienced dudes do it. When we say accessories, we mean sexy shades without trying too hard, a hat in the winter that actually goes with the rest of your outfit, not a hat you’ve had in your closet for God knows how long, a stylish belt if you’ll be wearing dress pants (and sometimes you absolutely should), a backpack that isn’t worn out, and like the hat matches what your wearing, while we leave the choice of a necklace up to you. Staying away from rings, bracelets, and earrings is a good idea for now until you get a feel of what she’s into, but most women, regardless of age, aren’t crazy about guys who wear more jewelry than they do. If accessories are not really your thing, tough! You might lose some serious points there, and wouldn’t that just be a shame?