Things you need to know before buying backpacks for girls

Shopping for school is a huge deal. Shopping for school for girls is definitely an even bigger deal. Girls tend to want to stay fashionable, chic and stylish all throughout. When it comes to backpack for girls, it is always the best to take them along to choose a backpack which they love. Backpacks are very practical and so are essential to get through school. Girls might refuse to carry a backpack to school as it might not go with their outfits or some reasons like that. But backpacks for girls are cool too; you just have to choose the right one. Here is our step-by-step guide to help you choose a backpack for your girl:

  • White and Black Backpacks – For girls who have a fear of not matching their outfits with their backpacks, black and white backpacks are a great way to go. Black and White are such neutral colours that they go with any colour and any outfit. They won’t have the hassle of choosing a backpack and outfit that go with each other every morning before school.  Just throw it over your shoulders, and you’re good to go!

  • Cool Details – Backpacks can be a mundane accessory. But it has so much scope for spicing up. When buying a backpack for girls, it is always fun to look at so many different designs that are beautiful, chic and stylish. Buy backpacks that have to detail of chains, embroidered designs, glitter detailing, and the like. There are also backpacks that have designs matching the particular season or have a cool logo printed on them. These make it look cool at the same time serving the purpose of an essential school supply item.  

  • Block Colours – Another cool way to buy a backpack is to look for ones that are fully made of one colour. You have the freedom of choosing a really loud funky colour like orange, or a unique shade that nobody would buy like teal or grey. Block colours will not look odd on any outfit either as contrasting colours are always in fashion and are fun to wear on a daily basis. They help break the monotony of black backpacks at school. These will look like you spent a lot of money and time buying them, but really are very simple and chic.

  • Small Backpacks – Girls usually like to carry bags or totes, but they are quite impractical when it comes to carrying them to school. For girls who love to carry such small bags, backpacks that are small-sized and compact will suit the best. They can carry all of their day’s books as well as other essentials in such small packs. They are very practical, easy to carry and won’t look huge and chunky on their shoulders. The best part about such small backpacks is that they can double up as an evening bag too if there are plans for going out with friends after school.  

  • Multiple Pockets – Backpacks that are double breasted and have many pockets can also be very helpful for girls in school. It helps them carry nitty gritty and other things like tampons, erasers and pencil pouches without disturbing their books compartment. This also helps carry any electronic items that might be needed for school that day.

These are some of the tricks and tips to know before shopping for a backpack for your girl children. They all come at great prices if you wait for back-to-school sales and such offers.