The Wedding and the Music with Bagpipe

Traditionally linked to shepherds and the country tradition, the bagpipe is often seen, wrongly, as an inseparable musical instrument of Celtic folklore (Scotland, Ireland, Brittany) and its military parades. However, if its origins remain unclear and difficult to determine, it is clear that traces of this instrument are already found in Greece and Egypt Antiques; its geographical area of ​​influence is in fact from the whole of Europe to the Caucasus, via the Persian Gulf and northern India.

Nicknamed “gaita” in the Basque Country, or “biniou” in Brittany – even if the models are somewhat different – the bagpipe is part of the family of musical wind instruments. It consists of a sheep skin (now replaced by pockets of fabric and / or synthetic material), and several reeds that receive and / or serve as an escape to the air. It is by the pressure of the armpit on the off that the air outlets produce these sounds so characteristic of the traditional bagpipe. With the used bagpipes for sale you can have the best sounds now.

How to choose your bagpipes?

Before embarking on the adventure, keep in mind that bagpipes are one of the most difficult instruments to learn. If you intend to practice only once or twice a week, there is a risk that you will not get any results and you will quickly become discouraged.

Thus, if you are a perfect beginner in the field, then choose the models provided with a manual of learning and detailed use. If your budget allows, do not hesitate to take a few lessons, at first, to familiarize yourself with the instrument and its features. 

Your wedding, one of the best days of your life

An unforgettable moment, epochal, that you, your relatives and your friends want to be perfect. You have so many things to think about, from the reception, to the party, to the dishes, to the guests. And yet, we bet that you have something special in mind, and you want to think of something more, to characterize your party, and make the ceremony even more unique? Personal Dreamer is ready to give you a special suggestion to make this unforgettable day special.

Do you know what a scenographic touch it would be to have a real Scottish bagpipe player at your wedding party, complete with kilt and traditional uniform, ready to accompany the guests’ entrance with a melody, or a particular moment of the evening? Attention: do not confuse yourself with the equally ancient and famous bagpipes, a tradition of Italian shepherds that we have been used to seeing on the streets of our cities for years, here we are talking about a real bagpipe player. With the bagpipe practice chanter you can have the best deal now.

The bagpipe at your wedding

In Scotland this type of musical entertainment is obviously widespread, given that it originates there, and very often the services of these bagpipe players are requested for weddings and other official occasions. Up there in the British Highlands the bagpipe is a real institution, a symbol of belonging, and even in our collective memory there are images of films or processions where players of this instrument accompany military parades and other institutional occasions. He thinks that the social importance of bagpipe players was very high, so much so that they were even assigned lands by the chieftains.

In short, we are talking about a noble and ancient tradition. So why not try to choose the sound of this instrument, and this spectacular custom to welcome guests to your wedding party: your friends will be flattered by this high-sounding reception.