The Right Way To Use Hair Straightener on Your Dyed Hair

Have you forgotten to straighten your hair before drying it? Now pondering over what to do? Don’t worry. You can straighten your hair after dying too. Here are some things to consider, and process to follow before straightening the dyed hair.

Precautions should be taken while using it:

  1. Do not blow dry dyed hair as the heat can make your hair rough and dull.
  2. Avoid using a shampoo or a conditioner that contains chemicals or alcohol.
  3. Use a good quality hair masque before flat ironing dyed hair as it can bear up the heat of the straightener.
  4. Never do extra slow ironing of the dyed hair as it can burn.

Materials Required for Straightening Dyed Hair

You need following materials before straightening the dyed hair:

  1. Serum spray
  2. A ceramic plate flat iron or Steam Flat Iron
  3. A mini straightener for tiny locks

How to Straighten the Dyed Hair?

  1. Brush your dyed hair thoroughly before you start the straightening as it will help your hair get rid of knots.
  2. After brushing your hair, lift a section of your hair with a comb, and move the flat iron on it.
  3. Begin the movement of the flat iron a few inches away from the root of hair strands.
  4. Remember to spray serum on each section before you straighten it if your hair is really rough. This will protect your hair from getting cooked.
  5. Spray a good amount of serum spray while flat ironing the middle part of your hair as the hair strands in the middle are generally tender compared to the other parts.

Now, enjoy a smooth dyed hair with the shiny and silken look. You can join your everyday routine, or go to a party. You are perfectly ready to look adorable!