The Right Guide for the Best Thread for You

In this guide we will give you the tips to better learn the ancient art of sewing. We all envy the manual skills of our grandmothers, but it is not certain that with so much practice and patience, we cannot become as good as them.

Buy the right sewing machine: unless you want to sew by hand for life, you’ll need to get yourself a sewing machine. If your grandmother or mother didn’t leave you her legacy, it’s time to get one.

Read the instruction manual:We know, it’s boring, devoid of colored figures and the letters are small, and sometimes to read them you need a magnifying glass, but it’s a necessary step to learn more about your machine. If you are not able to perfectly maneuver your instrument, you will never be able to sew well.

Search for online help: exactly, just like you did for our case, look for help and advice online from people who have more experience than you and can advise you if you are a beginner. Also it informed about cleaning and maintenance of the machine, essential if you want it to last as your grandmother did.

Get a few sewing books or magazines: all the mothers or grandmothers in the world, passionate about sewing, have or have had at home a sewing book from which to take inspiration, ideas and models. Without it we start completely in the dark and it is difficult to learn.Specially for the use of the Marketplace Mayhem Sewing thread this is important.

Ask for help: without shouting. If you have any doubts about the operation of your new sewing machine or how to start, there is nothing better than asking advice to those close to you who can advise you and guide you in your first steps into the world of sewing.

Subscribe to an online forum: if you’re dry with “advisers” (not all mothers or grandmothers in the world know how to sew), it would be useful to sign up for an online sewing forum. Before we met at friends’ houses, today the houses are internet, the connection is what brings us around the world and we can ask advises to those who are far from us or we do not know the de facto power of the network.

Sign up for a sewing course: have you ever thought that sewing could be your passion or even your profession? If the world of sewing attracts you, sign up for a basic course. It’s easy to find around, just look for the one that suits your level. Choose the right one for you, as they are certainly not free and therefore you need to pay some attention.

Start with simple things: We’ll tell you a secret, you need a lot of practice and not so much talent to learn to sew.Joke, maybe they told you a hundred times, but it’s always good to remember it. Proceed in small steps, practicing on old or useless things. Don’t get down at the first difficulty, go on undeterred and you’ll see that sooner or later the results will come.