The pale -pink surprise on your wedding- Morganite engagement rings

What is morganite? 

The most common question that hums among people is what are morganite and its specialties. The straightforward yet clarified answer is that morganite is a pale-pink gemstone, that is equally dazzling and shiny like a diamond, but with a tint of pink and sometimes purple. It is one of the most famous gems of the beryl family of gemstones, with emerald and aquamarine as the other two. This colored diamond is highly in demand in recent days. It was discovered and collected by the banker J.P Morgan, and since then, morganite stones are named after his name.

Why is morganite so much in demand? 

This tinted diamond has an extraordinary tint of pink or violet due to the manganese present in it. Also known as vorovebite, morganite is taking over the entire market of diamond lovers. While some people love replacing diamond with morganite, some people till trust on the elegant and classic diamonds. This insane craze of morganite took up a real big shape when Ben Affleck proposed his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, with the heart-throbbing pink stone. Thus the long journey of morganite starts being an epitome of love and emotions. So if you are eager to amaze your lady Lopez, grab the best morganite rings and choose the most exceptional one.

Why is it chosen so much? 

Morganite rings are the best alternative of a diamond is too much to bear. Apart from having an incredible color tone and variety, this gem is also available in a wide range of shapes and designs. Cuts are smooth and innovative, and tints range from pale-pink, orange-pink to purples. The brilliance, shine, and clarity are no less than that of diamonds. So if you want the same shine and dazzle on your best days, morganite can serve you the best in the most affordable range.

History of morganite

This pale-pink gemstone was first discovered in the year 1910 by Madagascar. It is one of the proud members of the beryl family of the gem, which includes emerald and aquamarine. Named after the name of J.P Morgan, the collector of this gemstone, morganite has gained a global appreciation since 2002. It has been a vast number of locations like Brazil, Afghanistan, California, Madagascar, and Namibia. Traces of morganite has been found in these locations, but it very less quantity as the mineral is highly rare.

The Drenched Emerald Cut Morganite Engagement Ring – samNsue

Are you confused with morganite and diamonds? Get the best buy. 

Diamond has always been the everlasting symbol of excellence and perfection, especially when it is a wedding or special event of life. However, the pricey gemstone is rare to afford for middle-class families. This is where morganite rings take up the challenge to satisfy you with the same or nearly alike qualities but at a lower price. The price tags of the morganite engagement rings are the most enticing part of this scintillating mineral stone. Moreover, not everyone around the globe would want to have a diamond in the finger. Aesthetically more dynamic and eco-conscious, morganite can be the choice for many. If you love a little glitter and dazzle in your engagement or wedding days, this cost-effective alternative of a diamond is best.

As far as gemstones are concerned, they are tagged as durable depending on the Mohs scale readings. Diamond is the hardest among all and has a score of 10 in 10 counts. Likewise, morganite also secures a decent score of 7.5 to 8, which is quite high compare to other gemstones. This value signifies that if handles with care and safety, your morganite ring can last for a lifetime. This gemstone is relatively durable and offers a scratch-free surface, making it one of the ideal choices for an engagement ring. In comparison to diamond, morganite is softer and more prone to damage and scratch, but it can still go a long way.

The refractive index of diamond is higher than that of a morganite. Thus, the diamonds are sure to shine brighter than morganite. The sparkle offered by morganite is also beyond comparison, especially with the pink hue.

How can you take good care of your morganite ring? 

Morganite rings are quite durable and hard; however, they fall short in comparison with the diamond. The durability score is 7.5, but that does not assure a lifetime guarantee. It would be best if you were extremely careful and tender towards your morganite ring. With regular cleaning, you can keep alive the shine and luster as if just bought. The best way to do that is by dipping the ring in a bowl of lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap. A mini brush or simple toothbrush can then do the rest. Cleaning your morganite ring once every six months is more than enough to keep the incredible look and shine long-lasting. Soft tissue is best to wipe the surface of the stone, to avoid any scratches.

What to look for while buying a morganite ring?

Morganite engagement rings are the most demanded collection among morganite jewelry. Make sure she loves hued or colored stone if you are eager to test this gemstone on your beloved’s figure. Since the tint of this stone varies a lot, you need to be very specific to your requirements. The color or the aura of pink or purple on the stone dramatically varies according to the size of the stone. The color of the stones tends to get more in-depth with the increase in size.

One other factor that you must consider while buying a morganite ring is that morganite is softer than diamonds. Thus knocking them down or getting hit can kill the entire enigma of the stone. Durability is always a question that must gain the utmost sincerity.

If you are all set to grab the best morganite engagement rings, you will get a heart-throbbing choice. Depending on the size of the some and the hue color, and also the binding metal, you can get morganite rings starting from a budget of $1170 to as high as nearly $9850.