The Fashion Guideline | Styling Tips For Men In Singapore

We have a stereotype that fashion is only for women. We have a belief that only women can take style to the next level, and men will remain with their polo shirts, cargo shorts, and sandals. The existing stereotype is not entirely true because men can also dress as stylish and comfortable as women.

A men’s fashion boutique in Singapore does not have shades of white, black, and grey clothes alone. Believe it or not, even abespoke suit in Singapore can have a fun colour and unusual pattern, too!

This article will provide men and women with a brief styling guide for men. After reading this article, you will surely see shopping formens clothes online in Singaporein a different light.

The Styling Guide For Men In Singapore

Like women, men can also mix and match clothes for a fun outfit. It only takes boldness and confidence to try something that does not fall in black, white, and grey shades. At the end of the day, fashion experimentation is an adventure!


Tuck in your dress shirt

Dress shirts have longer tails than sports shirts. The dress shirt looks so much better when you tuck it in. Letting it loose makes it look awkward.

Never let the hems of your dress shirt when you are wearing a coat orbespoke suit in Singaporeover it. It looks unpleasant as well.

If you hate tucking in a dress shirt, you can look for other collared shirts, like Oxford button-down dress shirts or sports shirts, from mens clothes online stores in Singapore.

An Oxford shirt is a type of dress shirt that has a button-down style collar and basketweave structure. Since they are more for a casual look, they are good even without tucking in. You must tuck it in when wearing a coat or suit over it.

On the other note, a sports shirt is a collared shirt that is usually 2.6 inches shorter than your typical dress shirt. Sports shirts are more adventurous than Oxford and dress shirts as they come in different colours, patterns, and fabrics.

Also, you can leave your sports shirt untucked.

Suits, sports jacket, and blazer

Suits, sports jackets, and blazers are similar-looking clothing but are entirely different.

Suits are coats that are paired with pants of the same material and pattern.

On the other hand, a sports jacket is a patterned coat paired with trousers with the same pattern but different fabric material.

Lastly, blazers are coats with a solid colour and metal buttons.

You can have a bespoke suit or custom tailoring in Singapore.

The general rule of wearing suits, sports jackets, and blazers is getting the right shoulder, chest, and waist fit.

There are different rules in buttoning these coats. Firstly, if you have a two-buttoned jacket, only button the top button and leave the bottom one open. If you have a three-buttoned jacket, button the middle button. However, you can also button the top button but never the bottom one.

You can now differentiate coats from a fashion boutique in Singapore.

Colours and patterns

Do you know thatmens clothes online in Singapore are not always white, black, grey, navy, and shades alike? Men can also add some colours to their outfits, be it casual or formal.

Men tend to shy away from bright colours, but the course is slightly changing today. Pink, mustard, and baby blue shades are quite popular today. Floral patterns are also coming into men’s fashion.

When it comes to wearing colours, you can start by wearing them in one garment. You can play a bit of colour and pattern with crew neck cotton T-shirts.

However, wearing too many patterns in one outfit makes you a walking optical illusion. As much as possible, wear only one garment that has patterns.

Stay well-pressed

Your cheap and old clothes will look insanely expensive when you wear them pressed. Never wear wrinkled clothes as it downgrades your overall appearance.

Dry-clean and press your suit, jackets, and blazers regularly. Take care and hang your leather jacket, or else it will deteriorate soon.



Denim jeans

The number one rule for men in wearing denim jeans is to avoid ripped jeans. These jeans are for edgy teenagers.

When it comes to denim jeans, it is better to opt for dark-coloured raw denim. Straight-leg denim jeans give a more polished appearance.

If you want a more casual look, you can opt for a lighter wash.

Cargo shorts

It is necessary to know when to wear cargo shorts. Although they are comfortable to wear, cargo shorts can be inappropriate clothing, depending on the occasion.

If the occasion is relaxed and more laid back, you have permission to wear them, but not unkempt.

Trouser break

Choosing the right length of your trousers at thefashion boutique in Singapore can be complex.

Trouser break refers to the fold at the front hem of the pant leg, draping on the shoe.

No breaks or no folds are the neatest looks for trousers break. On the other hand, a medium break means there is a fold across the ankle.

Tall men can pull off full breaks, but this trouser break is not advisable for shorter men.



If you don’t know how to tie a tie, you must learn it today as it is a classic accessory in men’s fashion. Choosing a tie darker than your coat is the safest colour option.

When it comes to the length, your tie must reach the middle of your belt buckle. Fix your tie if it goes beyond the belt buckle or if it is shorter.


Be it a cheap watch or a branded one: the important thing is it should be working. Never wear a broken watch!


Who says only women can dress up? Men can be stylish while being comfortable in their clothes, too. Don’t be afraid to step away from your comfort zone of navy and black colours. Visit a fashion boutique in Singaporeand explore men’s clothing!

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