The Experienced Mom’s Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag

Having a new baby comes with challenges and new responsibilities. There is a lot to learn, and you are expected to find your way around the new responsibilities almost all at once. Well, as much as you might be overwhelmed with the task, it is definitely something that you will do with all your heart. On top of learning how to clean your baby, there is something else that you will need to learn: packing a diaper bag.

Well, it sounds simple: do not be fooled. First time mothers struggle trying to fit their entire home into a diaper bag before they step out. Do not despair, here is some help for you.

  1. Diapers 

Being a diaper bag, you expect it to have several diapers. Note that the rate at which you change your baby’s diaper is dependent on his or her age. That should be the basis to use when figuring out the number of diapers you need to take you through the day. It is recommended that you carry enough for about two days. With that, you will have no worries or running out of them.

  1. Changing pad

The good news is that most diaper bags come with these. However, if yours does not have it, you need to buy one. A diaper changing pad will make the changing process tidier. Also, it is better than a shawl, which is usually very difficult to clean and also eats up a lot of space in the bag. A diaper changing pad is slim and foldable. Also, it has pockets that can as well as hold the diapers.

  1. Wipes

You cannot afford not to have these. You are well aware of how useful baby wipes are. It is simple: you cannot change the diapers if you do not have baby wipes. Babies can get messy while snacking. The wipes will come in handy in cleaning up before and after snacking. 

  1. Disposal bags 

Not everywhere you go you will get provision for disposing of used diapers. Throwing the diapers around is not also an option. You, therefore, need a disposal bag that will help you conveniently keep away the used diapers until you get a designated trash can. 

  1. Water

If your baby is over six months old, you will definitely need water in your diaper bag. You will also need to hydrate. Mothers are advised not to forget to carry their bottles of water in the baby diaper backpacks.

  1. Extra outfit

As much as you may have wipes for cleaning up, the baby could wet or soil his clothes with spills. It ‘might get to a point where the only thing that could salvage the situation is a change of garments.

  1. Snacks or food

Just like the number of diapers that you will be required to carry, this too will depend on the age of your baby. Kids want to eat all the time. If you do not have food in your diaper bag, you risk dealing with tantrums and baby screaming at the top of his lungs.