The Brightness of the Station

The brilliance appears in all types of fabric – and the highlight is satin, which comes as a strong trend and already brings in this glamorous look in addition to lightness and freshness. For those who really enjoy a more urban style but want to be within the trends of summer, the earthy shades of red and orange combine well and stay chic for those who need or want to be more discreet. And if you are in doubt about how to combine so much color, or do not want a monochrome look, how about the station prints?
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It is an excellent request to get out of the ordinary with the ethnic style, with the encounter of cultures and the ‘handmade’ style, super trend of this summer! A hot and important tip when choosing the pieces that have this ‘handmade’ effect is to think of something that seems to have been created exclusively by a craftsman. Rosegal

Here come colors, designs, textures … a creative journey in fashion! Although red is the fashionable color for summer, the trends for the hottest, brightest and most enjoyable season of the year are many and the color scheme is varied!

COMBINING TIPS Of course, the freedom to express yourself is the main rule of fashion, so the tips of how to combine are just a basic manual for anyone who has doubts and the possibilities of partnerships between colors are endless! Here, just a few little peppers to inspire! Enjoy and create your style too!

Blue Niagara: a novelty this color that is fashionable for summer! But do not be surprised, the tone is super easy to combine: it is light, sweet and elegant with white, super season trend, it is possible to join with vibrant red (and other colors too) for a more bare and merry style, or do the chic using the color with a navy blue.

Excellent choice for handbags and shoes too! Solar yellow: the super vibrant tone is for those who have strong style and personality, after all, can not not notice the color! It does not go off with black or white, it’s always highlighted! It goes very well with green and dark blue for those who want joy in the look. And how about putting together two color tops this summer?
Yellow Solar Match Much With Niagara Blue! If you like the color but want to be more discreet, invest in accessories, shoes and purses in this tone. White: The obvious passes away from this color option in the summer.

Believe it or not, it is possible to make the white warmer or colder on your clothing combinations. Of course the fabric influences a lot and with the arrival again of the satins, the brightness of the pieces will be differential! You can choose to mix fabrics and create this warm and cold weather with a single color or wear a total white look. It’s going to rock! As we do not have a color chart in the bag to support us in the main decisions of how to combine, worth the sense and follow your style this summer!