The Best Unique Boot Styles For Your Personality

You can tell a lot about a woman from the shoes she wears. So what are yours saying about you?

Take boots, for example. Boots are among the earliest footwear ever made, and styles have certainly evolved over the years. From classic to edgy and everything in between, you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots.

So, what classic boots fit your personal style? Keep reading to learn the best unique boot styles to suit your personality.

The “Ugg” Style Boot: Comfy Cute

You’re one of those people who loves to be comfy. Unless it’s a special occasion, you’re rarely found in a dress (or even in jeans for that matter).

However, you make sure your “comfy” is anything but “frumpy.” Even though you typically prefer loungewear, you choose cute pieces that hug you in all the right places. Plus, you’re always smelling sweet and looking good regardless.

Your ideal unique boot is the classic Ugg-style pull-on boot. It’s super warm, soft, and versatile, which is perfect for your fuss-free wardrobe.

The Platform Heel: Go-Getter

You know what you want and you know how to get it. You’re the type of woman who spends extra time getting ready, but oh, what a result! You’re always shattering boundaries and blazing trails, all while looking utterly glamorous while you’re at it.

Your perfect boot? Anything with a platform heel! It’s bolder than your basic stiletto and the perfect complement to your dazzling sense of style.

The Fringed Boot: Free-Spirited Boho Chic

Your idea of a perfect day is spending time out in nature. You love road trips, campfires, music festivals, and anything happening outdoors.

Whether it’s a moccasin or a basic style, a fringed boot is a perfect accessory for your boho look. It’s a casual but unique boot that will take you wherever the wind blows.

The Cowboy Boot: Party Girl

You’d rather take whiskey shots than sip on a weak fruity drink. On a Friday night, you’re probably at a dive bar, a concert, or a house party. You’re a people person who loves to go out and have fun.

To suit your wild and fun-loving personality, a classic pair of cowboy boots (such as women’s roper boots) is a great go-to style.

The Thigh-High: Sexy and Unforgettable

You turn heads wherever you go, leaving those around you asking, “who is she?”

You score phone numbers, even when you’re just at the grocery store. People find you fascinating: your magnetic personality is anything but ordinary.

Your ideal unique boot companion is the thigh-high boot. It’s the perfect accessory for all those short skirts and tights that you love to wear. It’s sexy and unforgettable- just like you.

The Knee-High: Sleek and Put-Together

You hardly leave the house without a full face of makeup. You like to be dressed up, but you’re not one for basic high-heeled pumps.

Your style is always immaculate and anything but ordinary. You like something sleeker, with an edgier vibe to it. It also needs to be versatile for wearing on a night out or to the office.

Your perfect unique boot style is the knee-high boot. It’s sexy, but not in-your-face sexy: instead, it’s sleek and stylish, just like you are.

The Hidden Wedge: Fun and Feminine

You won’t find your outfits on the runway. Your creative, experimental style sets trends rather than following them.

What’s more, you’re always on the go. You’re involved in a lot of projects and want to get around without dealing with high-heel pain.

Your ideal boot is something that is fashion-forward but won’t kill your feet as you’re going about your busy day. A hidden wedge boot is the perfect style for you.

The Stiletto Bootie: Femme Fatale

Your style is killer. Plus, you’ve got razor-sharp wit and endless charm that can make anyone fall for you- and fast.

Here’s the kicker: you’re also boldly independent. Capturing hearts is easy for you, but very few are lucky enough to get yours. You’re unapologetically you, and that’s what draws people to you.

What better companion for your killer style than a stiletto? It’s a classic for a reason, but not everyone can pull it off. You can, and you do it effortlessly.

The Classic Combat Boot: Alternative Chic

You’re edgy, artistic, and different. You’re often happier getting lost in a book or checking out a new record than you are going to parties. You’re not interested in following trends or engaging in meaningless small talk; you’ve got more important things in mind.

You’re also somewhat of a loner, but you have a close-knit circle of friends that you’d do anything for. You’re not concerned with what others think. You like what you like, and you’re always true to yourself.

To suit your alternative style, you need a unique boot that’s also versatile and rugged. You might be walking through the woods or spending a day in your art studio, and your boots need to be up for the task.

That said, the combat boot has everything you’re looking for. It’s classic, versatile, and able to take you anywhere you need to go. Rain, snow, or sunshine, your combat boot is always there for you.

Finding Your Unique Boot Style

Think you might fit into more than one of these style categories? Wear whatever you like!

The best thing about fashion is the freedom it gives us to express ourselves. You might wake up some days feeling rugged and rebellious, or you could be desiring something a little more glamorous. Our fashion choices are defined by our personalities, not the other way around.

Luckily, there’s a unique boot style to suit whatever mood you’re in. Don’t be confined to labels. Wear whatever you’re drawn to and it’s guaranteed to look great.

Choosing the Perfect Boots

Boots are a classic piece of fashion for a good reason. Their endless styles and versatility can be suited to fit anyone, no matter their style identity. Now that you’ve seen what unique boot styles fit different personality types, you’ll be ready to choose the perfect pair of boots for you.

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