The Best Czech Glass Beads to Make your Favorite Jewelry for the Coming Festivities


Glass beads remain an irreplaceable fashion item. These beads are widely used for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. Glass beads come in a range of colors, sizes, or shapes, and can be styled with any outfit to ooze out a classical elegance. But how have glass beads become a phenomenon among fashionable women around the world? Our answers can be traced to the Czech people. For the people of Czech Republic, glass beads making is more than just an art; it is a tradition, and which is why they pride themselves as the makers of the best glass beads in the world – the Czech Glass beads.

Czech glass beads are highly sophisticated and their embellishments are unique too. Are you looking to buy the most attractive and trendy beads as a suitable gift for your loved ones this coming Christmas? You may choose from the following hot selling Czech glass beads to make a lovely jewelry.

Rivoli Beads

These beads are characteristically pointed in the back with no hole in them – mostly. Although the lack of hole often makes them seem limiting in design, Rivoli beads come in a variety of colors and sizes. The Rivoli crystal is a gorgeous piece used in making pendants, centerpieces and more. Rivoli beads are always a beauty on the necks of those who adorn them.

Gold Foil Beads

These alluring pieces of beauty continue to captivate the attention of fashionistas around the world. In a wide diversity of colors, Gold Foil beads look elegant in their lustrous appearance. They are available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes like oval, circular, heart-shaped, diamond, cubic, etc.

Frosted Glass Beads

These are the beads of ‘waves’. These glass beads have an etched surface and are widely popular for making not only jewelry but other ornamental decorations too. Their unique appearance enables them to add an extra layer of style to every decoration.

Fire Polished Beads

These beads are also a popular kind of Czech glass beads. They are often called ‘fire polished crystals’ due to their faceted surface. When the beads are formed, facets are cut into their surface. Afterward, the entirety of the bead is passed through flame to melt the surface, causing a shine on the beads. It is the shinning that makes many adores fire polished beads.

Lampwork Beads

These are also popular handmade glass beads for making jewelry. What makes lampwork beads unique are their numerous patterns, shapes and designs. These arrays of colors and patterns give you a creative autonomy when making beads for your diverse purpose.

Czech glass beads are the most common bead materials. Whether you’re rocking Swarovski Crystals or Preciosa Pressed Glass Beads, be sure to be met with glamor wherever you go.