The Autumn Cold and the Trench Coats


With the onset of the first autumn cold many think about choosing the right Trench coat for the new season. A Trench coat is not an acquisition that is made spontaneously. A Trench coat should be chosen, taking into account many different factors: material, cut, style, fit, etc., because it is not just a purchase, but an investment in your wardrobe. The Trench coat should “work” and pay back the funds invested in it by 200%. And taking into account our geographical latitudes, the climate will provide many opportunities for the Trench coat to work as it should. We offer you tip on buying a trench coat that will allow you to get the most out of this outerwear item.

Fabrics / Materials

Much depends on how often you plan to wear a Trench coat. If you intend to wrap it with the onset of the first cold weather and not get out before spring, then, first of all, you need to consider the wear resistance. The most durable and durable are wool, tweed, cashmere. Accordingly, the larger the percentage of these materials in the composition of the Trench coat, the more practical it is. Trending velor and velvet are beautiful, but absolutely impractical, they quickly wear out and lose their original appearance. Leather and suede Trench coats should be selected in trusted locations, as low-quality leather and suede are rubbed, thinned, and then torn for a short time. It is hardly worth looking at synthetics, since it does not warm.


Next, you need to think about where you will wear the selected Trench coat. And also you drive a car or public transport. If you need a universal Trench coat that you will wear “for the feast and for the world,” choose an average length. A shortened Trench coat (short Trench coat) resembling an elongated jacket with its face will not protect you from the cold. A floor-length Trench coat is not practical for those who walk a lot. The optimal length is approximately to the knee and slightly higher / lower.

Long Trench coat

The basic Trench coat models are a Max Mara-style odor Trench coat, an oval cocoon Trench coat and a straight / semi-straight Trench coat. We can say with confidence that one of these Trench coats will suit you 100%. And if the main criterion for you is universality, feel free to try on one of these Trench coat models. Such Trench coats are out of fashion and timeless. Fashion houses sew them every year. In addition, they are combined with anything, harmoniously complementing any images.

What are the basic Trench coat models?

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the cut Trench coat. The quality of the Trench coat can be assessed by the accuracy and accuracy of the seams. Good seams are recognized by the fineness of the thread and the frequency of stitches. World fashion houses, in addition to seams made on a sewing machine, often use hand seams. Keep all seams hidden under the lining of the Trench coat.

The bottom of the Trench coat should be folded at least 3 cm, and the sleeves should be folded at least 2 cm. If there are fur inserts on the Trench coat and no seams are visible on them, then they are connected to each other with glue, and there is a risk that they can break up. In the inner pockets of the Trench coat, the hands should completely fit, otherwise the Trench coat may not sit properly in the waist area.