The 10 Styles Of Luxury Bags To Complete Your Wardrobe

Forget diamonds and jewellery—bags are everyone’s true best friends. From going to work to heading out with friends, you cannot go anywhere without carrying a trusty sack. They not only act as a handy pouch to carry virtually anything you may need on your day out, but handbags for men and women are also responsible for adding shape and spice to your look.

Centuries before designer tote bags were born, ancient individuals used satchels of all shapes and sizes throughout history. They use these bags to carry food, tools, weapons, and even flint, which they use to build fire. A mummified Iceman found by researchers in 1991 even had a pouch connected to his belt that contained his essentials such as dried fungus and a drill. During Medieval times, workers, pilgrims, and peasants had sacks developed into today’s handbags. Since most individuals travel by foot during those ages, bags allowed them to bring whatever they needed on their journey.

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From sacks made out of scrap leather and heavy fabrics to the luxury bags of today, pouches, packs, and purses have come a long way. Noble people from the Medieval and Renaissance period started wearing bags as a fashion accessory that often has handmade and intricate elements. Talented designers and brands that you know and love today started pushing the boundaries of what a bag can be by creating sacks of various sizes and designs.

With the number of satchels and totes in the market today, it can be overwhelming to pick which of those luxury bag types deserve a spot in your closet. They all serve various purposes and can either make or break your outfit. To help you choose which bags are worthy of your investment, here are its top ten styles that will immediately become your accessory staples:


Tote Bag

Arguably the most versatile type of stylish sacks, designer tote bags have the perfect balance between form and function. They often come in a mid-large size and have two handles on either side of their opening. Tote bags are made out of leather, canvas, or polyester and are ideal for daily use. Whether you are working, travelling, or shopping, know that the tote is an accessory you can depend on.



Fashion experts define a handbag as an accessory that looks like a small suitcase. Unlike totes, they have a sturdier frame that lets them hold their shape and house countless compartments. Because of their features, the handbag is considered the ultimate womens travel bag. It can carry an umbrella, a massive water bottle, your complete cosmetics pouch, and even a few packs of snacks.


Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are the purses that defined the 90s. They are classic and timeless accessories that the current generation of fashionistas and makers of luxury bags has adored. It has a strap or two attached to its body and loops over your shoulder. Instead of letting your clutch rest underneath your arm or on the crease of your elbow, shoulder bags offer you a way to carry your purse hands-free.


Crossbody Bag

As its name suggests, the crossbody bag features a long strap that crosses over your torso. Unlike handbags made for men and women, purses in this style do not typically have handles. Soldiers and workers used crossbodies to carry various tools and goods. During the modern era, designers adapted its original shape and added decorative elements such as tassels and ruffles to give it a fresh look.


Chain Bag

If you wish to elevate your most laid-back looks, chain bags will be your best bet in doing so. This purse type is similar to the form of a crossbody and a shoulder bag—but instead of having fabric straps, a long brass, silver, or gold chain will wrap around your body or shoulder. Unlike designer tote bags, you cannot rely on a chain bag for everyday use unless you are used to only bringing your phone, credit card, and a few loose bills and coins with you.



The most straightforward way of defining the clutch bag is by letting you imagine flat handbags for women without—or sometimes, with detachable—straps. They come in various shapes and sizes that feature lush fabrics and eye-catching prints and designs. Wearing it is much more complicated than using a tote or a crossbody. You need to hold it like a magazine or a newspaper and carry it around by holding it at the top, button, or underneath your arm.



Backpacks from the makers of luxury bags are nothing like those bulky gear sacks you take on a hiking trip. They are smaller and more pleasing to look at than the bags you use for camping. Designer backpacks can either feature a zipper or a string that you have to pull to close your pouch. They are much like the bags of little girls for school—only cuter and more stylish.


Belt Bag

Belt bags are the sophisticated and luxurious version of the fanny pack. Like designer tote bags, you can use this purse style when you run for errands every day—but remember to pack light since it cannot fit everything you may need. Despite its name, you can use the belt bag around your torso.


Mini Bag

Have you ever wished that handbags for women were smaller? Say no more because designers heard your request. Following everyone’s fascination with miniature things, brands made and sold micro purses that are only big enough to fit the smaller versions of the iPhone. This trend may not be for everyone, but it certainly encourages people to live a minimalist lifestyle.


Exotic Bag

Luxury bags usually don leather from cow, lamb, or goatskin. But if you want an accessory that has a more engaging personality than you, lizard, crocodile, ostrich, and python skins are a few of the exotic options waiting for you.

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