Tape-in Extensions

Hair is the most important part of one’s body that can decide whether the person looks attractive or not. People around the world take great care of their hair, especially Women. For them, their hair is their life and they do all kinds of things to make them look thicker and longer. If you are among the most women, then you probably don’t have good and attractive hair. Well don’t worry as 90% of women aren’t happy with their hair and try hair extensions to make them look stunning.

Hair Extensions come in various types and styles. They can not only differ in how they are put on but also how long they can last. Clip in, Tape in, Fusion, Micro ring, etc are some different types of hair extensions. Among them, Tape-in Extensions are the most preferred as they only take about an hour and a half and last 4-6 weeks. To buy Tape- in Extensions, you can visit the online store of Hottie Extensions. The biggest benefit of tape-in extensions from this website is you can buy hair extensions of any length and thickness and color.

Tape-in Extension as the name sounds consists of pre-taped hairs that is then glued to your hair. Your natural hair is sandwiched between the tape-in extension hairs. Though they take less time to put on than fusion or micro ring hair, still it needs a professional hairdresser to apply tape-ins. The Tape-in extensions can last anywhere between 4-8 weeks before you need to reapply them. Like your original hair, how much your tape-in extensions last depends on how well you take care of it. Moreover, they are less straining than other extensions like micro ring extensions. If you want to try hair extensions, then tape-in extensions from Hottie extensions will be best.