Spice Up Your Outfits with Custom Monogrammed Blazer Buttons

A monogram is one unique type of typography design connecting letters, typically in a cursive and flow-y font but also in cool graphic and bold font designs just recently. A border frequently wraps or interlinks together the initials and they often come together to serve as calligraphy artwork by themselves.

The monogram letters used often represent initials. It can be the initials of a person, usually first, middle and last name. It can also be the couple’s initials, with his and her first name and last name. Initials can also be family member initials such as sisters and brothers. Monograms can have one, two, or three initials, with three being the most common form to create a more balanced artwork composition.

However, the most important of all is that a monogram can also tell a story. The meaning of custom monogrammed blazer buttons depends on the specific initials that they capture. It makes them perfect as gifts.

Two Popular Types of Monograms

The order that the letters go on monograms can depend on several factors. However, these could be categorized into two main types: couples and personal monogram.

  • Personal Monogram

Personal monograms consist of the combination of three initial, the first, last, and middle names. In the case of a single letter monogram, it is very easy wherein people use their last or first initial. The latter is more modern while the former is more traditional.

The three letter monograms use the first, last, and middle names. The order of these letters often depends on the monogram’s design (and of course, the taste and preference of the customer. For those who don’t have a middle name, they can also use their second surname, as is often the case in Hispanic culture. They can also stick to the two initial monograms.

However, tradition is not the only way. This only means that there is no wrong or right way to monogram your initials. This is just up to a person’s personal preferences.

  • Couples Monogram

Things tend to be a little trickier with couples monograms because there are lots of options available. But once again, it is completely up to the couple as to how they like   to represent their family using a monogram. But, because it is a very in demand monogram choice for gifts, particularly when wedding season is here, it is important to follow a few guidelines to prevent monogramming faux paus.

Married couples who have chosen to share their last name have plenty of choices at their disposal. They could choose to use their shared last initial for single letter monogram, mix their two first initials together into a 2-letter monogram, or opt for a 3-letter one. The formula for 3-letter married monograms is as follows: first, last, first. It works for wife and husband, as well as same sex couples who share one last name. You see, 3-letter monograms are very versatile.

Now that you know more about monograms, don’t think twice and buy those custom monogrammed blazer buttons today!