Some Interesting Unknown Facts about Smoking


Recent studies reveal there is a close association between smoking and Parkinson’s disease. Smokers somewhat have built immunity against this disease. The result of the exclusive study was published in the journal of Neurology in 2010, March issue. The researchers found the immunity shield is more related to the number of years of smoking than the number of cigarettes puffed daily. The longer is the time frame; stronger is the immunity power. The University of Harvard was the first elite institution to find this awe-inspiring fact for smokers across the world. As per the article published in the journal of Neurology in March 2010, the protective shield fade as the person quits smoking. After wide-ranging research, the reason is still unknown.

Lowers risk of obesity

It is a well-recognized fact, that nicotine which is present in tobacco, is an appetite suppressant. This knowledge was prevalent in Mayans and natives of America. Tobacco companies used this feature in their advertisement campaign, targeting women to allure them to smoking to get slim. When a person quit smoking, he invariably gains weight; this fact was published in the journal of Physiology and Behavior in the 2011 July issue. The relationship between nicotine and weight control is intricate and unique. Nicotine acts both as a stimulant and appetite depressor. Smoking actives some behavioral change; this prompts the smoker to eat less. Nicotine may subdue taste buds in the tongue, which makes food less tasty. Nicotine triggers a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This is clinically proven, at least in mice conducted by Yale researchers. This clinical trial was published in the journal Science in 2011, 10th June.

No one doctrines tobacco as a weight control measure due to its perilous side effects. But this study conducted by researchers of Yale gives a glimpse of the hope of using tobacco in a moderate dose to lose weight in obese people as it declines the feeling of hunger.

More responsive to therapies

Smokers who suffer from heart disease have a lower mortality rate than non-smokers. They recover quickly compared to their non-smoking counterparts as they respond positively to therapies used to remove the blockage from arteries. Smokers respond more quickly and steadfastly to fibrinolysis treatment, which involves medication and also to angioplasty, which is inserting stents in the arteries for better blood flow.

It is also a fact that smokers are more prone to heart attack, as fumes scar the arteries permitting fat and plaque to saturate on the wall of arteries. One school of thought suggests the smokers respond better to therapies, as they suffer a heart attack in early life, roughly ten years early than non-smokers. But according to a research report published in the American Health Journal in 2005, August, age is not the only factor for quick recovery of smokers after a heart attack.

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