SmartDesk 2 DIY Kit Review

Offices have been changing for a long time now. Today people are standing desks to get the standing while working through the day. The issue of alternating between sitting and standing each day has a lot of health benefits for the workers.

Autonomous offers different options when it comes to desks. They have two frame designs, one being the normal model and the second being the business edition which I choose. I choose the Business Edition because I needed the additional weight capacity to accommodate my speakers and monitors. They also come in different base colors.

The SmartDesk 2 DIY Kit  from is well pack and assembled, and you will rarely find any damages after receiving it. The base of the desk is packed in an ordinary brown box with the A2 SmartDesk branding marked on the side of the desk bearing the color of the frame. There are some straps to help keep everything in place.

Before getting started, you will need to put everything together so that you could check it out. To do this, you will need to pull everything out of the box to ensure that everything is in the right shape and that you have everything. Once you open it, the first thing you will see is the instruction manual containing a list of parts inside. The main components you will find 2 powered legs, two feet to attach to the legs, a long frame, and 2 brackets that will enter into the frame to attach to the desk.

Apart from the instruction manual, you will find that each type of screw is placed in its own bag and has a label. You know the challenge that would come in trying to figure which screw is which, hence this eliminates this altogether. You will also find a bag containing reusable wires, rubber bumpers and Allan wrench placed on top of the screws.

It has straightforward instructions and has a diagram at the beginning, the part listing with everything broken down into simple steps with many diagrams indicating how to fix them.

By only looking at the parts, you will have a feeling of how things work. The legs contain 3 layers and at the top L-shaped part of the leg is the motor assembly. It has a cord that comes out of the hook heading to the controller. The controller box is bigger and comes with a plug on one end and connections on the other for two legs and the front control panel. The control panel will connect through something similar to an Ethernet plug, and the motors use a connection near a PCI plug in the PC.

Getting the base together is simple after which you will set everything to get wired up. The wire ties included will make it easy.

One of the ways to make changes in your lifestyle is making changes around you and if you are like me who spend most of your time on your desk, then having an Autonomous SmartDesk 2 DIY Kit will help a lot. For those starting, you may think that you need to stand all day. However, having been sitting for a long time that will not be possible. You will need to alternate between standing and sitting, which will help as opposed to trying an immediate lifestyle change.